2. Wanted- The Untamed Series

Jorgie has been with Harry long enough to know what makes him tick. She knows that he is comfortable just staying in. However, Jorgie does want him to be more social and feels that they are getting in a bit of a rutt. How will she prevent this from happening?


7. What feels like forever

The next week passed slowly. Jorgie kept getting taken for test and I couldn't move from my bed. Mum bought me magazines and the boys bought me games but all I could do was watch. Gemma brought my new nephew, Patrick, in several times in the first week. He was now two weeks old and had gotten the family curls with a little brown bunch on his head.

Family was in and out, most nights someone would stay with me, making sure I didn't try to move from my bed. 

Jorgie got her breathing tube taken out after a week and a half. I could see her fragile chest moving up and down as she breathed on her own. 

"Liam," I whispered, shoving his arm. He woke. 
"Harry, what? It's like 1am," he groaned. 
"Can you do me a favour?" 
"Can you move my bed?" 
"Can you push my bed over?"
He looked confused but nodded, standing and rolling my bed up against Jorgie's. I fell asleep with her hand in mine. 

The next morning, a nurse scolded Liam for moving my bed but didn't make me move back. She did some test on Jorgie and kindly informed me that she would wake anytime now. 

It was another week before they let me out of bed. The nurse came in with a pair of crutches and smiled. I couldn't help but groan. 
"Come on Harry. A little excitement," Zayn laughed. The boys had put down the set of cards and came to help. 
After an hour, I was sitting on the side of the bed, panting from the pain in my ribs and leg. 
Both Zayn and Liam were supporting me under my arms. Niall and Louis held the crutches and helped me onto them. 
Within the next hour, I made it to the door and back before the boys helped me collapse onto the bed. 

I made it around the hall the next day and was getting the strength to pull myself off the bed. 

When it hit two weeks, I overheard the nurses stressing about Jorgie waking up. She should've woken by now. 
"Another week ad we call her family," said one in charge. 
Louis was watching my face as we overhear this conversation. 
I squeezed Jorgie's hand, "Please wake up," I whispered. That night I slid into Jorgie's bed and gave Louis mine. 

The next morning saw the same thing. She was still breathing softly, unawake. 

The boys bought in Nando's that day, at Niall's request. I ate it quickly, just cause it was much better than the hospital food. 
We played card games all day. 

It was four days before Jorgie finally woke. It was probably 1am. Niall had stayed with me and I was drifting when her hand tightened in mine, squeezing it softly. I shot up and Niall almost fell off his chair. 
Her eyes fluttered and she looked at me before the fluttered shut again as she fell back asleep. 

Jorgie's POV 
Maybe I was dead. He had looked like an angel. Did Harry die too then? I didn't want to find out. I drifted again. 

Harry's POV 
I didn't sleep just incase she woke again. the next morning she didn't. Niall told the nurses what had happened. 
"Talk to her," one of them said, "It'll help her wake." 

Jorgie's POV 
His voice was so clear in my head. 
"Jorgie, I'm here. I promise that it will be okay."
I couldn't help but open my eyes.
He looked so beautiful, the sunlight beaming through the window behind him, radiating his face as he leant on my bed, looming over me. 

Harry's POV 
"Harry," she whispered hoarsely, her throat dry. I grabbed her a cup of water with a straw and let her drink from it. 
"I love you," I smiled, kissing her nose. 
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