2. Wanted- The Untamed Series

Jorgie has been with Harry long enough to know what makes him tick. She knows that he is comfortable just staying in. However, Jorgie does want him to be more social and feels that they are getting in a bit of a rutt. How will she prevent this from happening?


23. Wanna stay?

Harry and Louis had me in giggle fits the whole drive down to where we were camping. The played eye-spy until I suggested count the road kill, a game my sisters and I played when we were kids. The boys were playfully horrified and kept making remarks about me being morbid.

We met with the others for lunch. They were all with my sister, who, surprisingly, Liam had insisted come, so he didn't have to stay in a tent by himself. Gracie had come with Niall, which made everyone in the group happy.

It was about 6 hours before we got to the site, right on the edge of the beach. My sister and I set up the fire while watching as the boys attempted to put up five small tents. By the time they had finished, we had also set up the large kitchen tent.
"How did you do that so easy?" Louis laughed as Zayn lit the fire.
I shrugged, "Years of coming down here. It's a shame it's not schoolies but, cause this place goes off."
Emily nodded in agreement.

It got dark and we all snuggled closer together. I couldn't help but admire all the little couples around the fire. Louis was eye to eye with Eleanor, their eyes having a private conversation. Perrie was on Zayn's lap, as he kissed the back of her neck. Emily was in between Liam's legs and he had his arm wrapped around her neck. And Niall had his guitar out, playing a soft tune to Gracie, who had her eyes locked on his.

I looked at Harry. He was staring at me.
"What?" I laughed.
"You looked at me," he winked.
I pouted and he smiled.
"Later," I whispered.
"Tonight?" He finished.
"The beach."
"The beach?" He half laughed.
"Tents are thin."
He couldn't contain his laughter now and I almost fell off of his lap.

It was 1am when he woke me to remind me of my promise. I could here inaudible noises in the other tents as I opened ours. He was right behind me and almost shit himself when I pointed out a lone dingo at the forests edge.
I doubled over in laughter and he growled and grabbed me, swinging me over his shoulder.

I laughed as he threw me onto the sand and laid above me. It was still pitch black but I could feel him all over me. He slid his tongue into my mouth. I relaxed and let him pull the thin singlet I had on, off. His hands were straight back to my body. I could feel the sand creeping into my crevices and half laughed under Harry's mouth.
"What?" He asked, half hurt sounding.
"This is different."
I felt him shake his head and move it to my breast. I couldn't help but moan.
"I want you now Harry," I half moaned as he blindly entered me.

The next morning I woke back in the little tent. It was peaceful. Harry was on his stomach next to me with no blanket over him. I slapped his bum and woke him up.
"You look amazing in this light," he mumbled, pulling me towards him.
"I look amazing in the light out there. Get dressed and I'll make breakfast."
"I wanna stay here," he groaned, rolling onto his back.
I laughed and opened the tent.

The others were sitting around again. They all looked up as I walked out.
All eight of them had grins on their faces. It was perfect and I leaned into Harry as he curled his arm around my waist from behind me.
"I wanna stay here too," I mumbled, smiling at all my family.

Hi all!! We draw to the end of another book in the Untamed series.. I am currently coming up with a third book name.. If you wanna help, comment some suggestions :) It will be up soon :) Thanks everyone :) xx
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