2. Wanted- The Untamed Series

Jorgie has been with Harry long enough to know what makes him tick. She knows that he is comfortable just staying in. However, Jorgie does want him to be more social and feels that they are getting in a bit of a rutt. How will she prevent this from happening?


10. Show me off

Harry had a bunch of physio over the next few weeks. They had him walking again but, by February, he still had to use the crutches. 

"Hey babe," he called from the kitchen. 
I headed in from the lounge room. 
"What?" I asked, halfway through folding his shirt. I had become bored and ended up cleaning a lot myself why he had been unable to walk. 
"Are you gonna be my date to the Brits next week?"  
"What do you mean by date?" 
"Can I show my stunning girlfriend off at the Brits next week?" 
I laughed, "Of course." 
"You wanna go see Caroline about a dress and we might go to lunch cause we haven't in a while."
"Yeah, it is only 10." 
"I'll go shower," I smiled. 

I had never actually been fitted for a dress to be made for me before. It was a whole new experience. Even Harry was giving feedback. 
"Is that too tight honey," Caroline asked as she tried a pink dress on me.
"No, it's good, I'm just not sure of the colour," I smiled, twirling in the mirror. 
"I don't like it either. Your complexion is too fair," she laughed. 
"You're too white Jorgie," Harry laughed. 
"Shut up," I laughed. 

The next dress was floor length but green. I loved it but again, not my colour. Harry and Caroline sat trying to think of colours. 
Caroline was pulling out fabric and matching it to my hair and then fiddling around a little and then pulling another piece out. 
It wasn't until apricot that we knew we had our colour. Caroline took my measurements and sent us away so that she could get to work. 

At lunch, Harry was really talkative. 
"You know, I've had a lot to think about over the past few weeks," he smiled up from the chicken that he was eating.
"Please don't make some big cliché speech about how much I mean to you," I laughed, taking his empty hand. 
"I'm not going to," he laughed, "I'm just saying that you are my everything."
"In other words, you were going to be cliché." 
"Yeah," he smiled, squeezing my hand and taking another bite of his chicken. 

Two days later, El came with me to see Caroline and get our dresses for the Brits. 
El's was black and short and she had pinkish shoes to go with it. Caroline was trying to match us with subtle pink and apricot colours on the boys suits. 

We went shopping after and bought some jewellery. Louis and Harry met us at midday on Primrose Hill. Harry was laying on the grass and they had both bought sandwiches and a variety of food for lunch. I could feel people taking pictures around us and stopped Harry when he leaned in to kiss me. 
"What?" he laughed, propping my against his torso. I just laughed. 

The night of the Brits came quickly. Harry had been told that he could stop using the crutches, to his relief, but he had to be careful. 
I was in Lou Teasdale's make-up chair at midday. She had people all around working on me, Eleanor and Danielle. We would be walking the red carpet with the boys this year. I was in a robe and hadn't put my dress on yet. Both the girls were exactly the same. 
Lou was working on my makeup whilst someone else worked on my hair. It was being curled then pinned to the side. El was having hers pinned up and Dani's was down. I had bolder makeup then both of them. El had gone for a simple, classy look. Dani had also gone simple. I had bright red lips and smoky eyes. 

The boys were all in their suit pants when they walked in. They had been in another room getting ready but had all neglected shirts. I got up and walked over to Harry, still in my robe. 
"Don't kiss him," Lou yelled, from kneeling over Lux, who was sleeping quietly. 
"Oh," Harry frowned. 
I laughed.
"You look stunning," he said, trying his hardest not to touch me. 
"As do you," I smiled. 
"I only have powder on my face," he laughed. 
"Yeah, but you are on two legs and you actually look alive." 
"Now, out," Lou suddenly shooed all the boys out. A few people helped me slip into my dress. 
It was strapless and floor length. I done a little twirl and Eleanor gapped at me. 
"Wow," she smiled. 
Danielle walked back in in her beautiful short grey dress and smiled. "I might as well not go," she laughed, "People won't be staring at me anyway." 
"Don't be silly," I laughed and we all made our way out to meet the boys.
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