2. Wanted- The Untamed Series

Jorgie has been with Harry long enough to know what makes him tick. She knows that he is comfortable just staying in. However, Jorgie does want him to be more social and feels that they are getting in a bit of a rutt. How will she prevent this from happening?


20. Niall's at fault

"Hi mum," I half smiled as I walked into the house. Harry greeted her and stormed into the backyard.
"What happened?"
I sat with all the girls and explained everything.
The boys had all followed Harry.
"Great way to spend my birthday," I laughed.
"I understand him but. It's very hypocritical of you not to tell him," my sister had joined.
"Niall asked me not to. And I never done anything. The whole time it was Niall and I was staying loyal to Harry."

Niall's POV
"Hello Niall," Gracie came in the room, her smile brightening the whole room.
"Gracie," I smiled back.
"I wanted to check on you before I went home."
My stomach turned. A beautiful girl wanted to check on me. I also noticed her choice of "Casual" attire. She had a deep blue dress on and some heels.
"You going on a date or something?" I asked, kind of rudely.
"I'm single. But thanks."
"No girl as beautiful as you could be single," I smiled warmly.
She smirked.
"I was about to get some take out. Did you want anything?"
"I couldn't ask you for that," I laughed.
"I insist. What would you like?"
I wrote down some stuff and she laughed warmly before leaving.

Fifteen minutes later, she came back, two Nandos bags in hand.
She sat in the chair next to me and asked me about life in One Direction.
"Hard," I looked at my hands.
"Why? I know the fans are crazy but the other boys seem great."
"But it feels like I'm always in that moment. I don't get a break."
"And you need one."

We sat like that for ages, just talking.
"Oh my god! It's almost 11," she half laughed, "I have to get going but I'll be back at 8 tomorrow."
"Perfect," I smiled and she leaned over and pressed her warm lips to my cheek. "Thank you Gracie."

Harry's POV
"No. I'll just stay at Emily's. I met you all tomorrow for lunch but. Just us girls," she half smiled again and my heart melted seeing her so torn.
"Okay," Eleanor hugged her.

I didn't want to talk to anyone during the car ride back. Louis kept trying to include me but I pulled out my phone and stuck my headphones in. One of our old songs came on.

Girl I see it in your eyes, you're disappointed.
Cause I'm the foolish one that you anointed, with your heart, I tore it apart.

I felt a tear form as I skipped the song.

Picture perfect memories, scattered all around the floor.

I groaned and skipped the song. Did I only have depressing music on here.

Mama told me not to waste my life.

This seemed safe. I turned it right up and stared out the window.

Louis' POV
"He is listening to wings," Zayn laughed, looking at Perrie.
We all laughed a little.
"I don't like this. The are my power couple," El frowned and I wrapped my arm around her.
"They'll be okay. Just watch," I assured her.

That night I tapped on Harry's door softly.
"I'm not here," he said grumpily.
"Oh H, don't be like that," I laughed pushing the door open.
He was sitting on the bed, his phone in hand.
"What did she say?" I asked.
"She didn't say anything. She hasn't tried to call or text me," he frowned.
"You said you needed time? She is giving you that."
"I tried to call her. She didn't answer."
"Give me the phone," I said throwing myself onto the bed next to him.
I dialled her number.
"Hi, sorry I missed your call. Just leave a message after the beep," came her voice.
"It's Louis. Harry wants to talk, as soon as you can."
I hung up.
"What do I say?" Harry asked suddenly.
"Whatever you need to. I have a question but. How are you going to react to Niall?"
"I haven't even thought about it. What can I say to him? That's why Jorgie was right. Jorgie was right not to tell me cause he acted first and now I don't want to see him."
"Do you think Jorgie reacted?"
"I don't think so. Only as a bad reaction from what I've heard."
"Do you want me to talk to Niall?"
He nodded.
"Can I have a hug?"
Harry let out a soft laugh and wrapped his hands around my shoulders, gripping me tight. I sat until he fell asleep and then went back in to El.

"How is he?" She asked, the concern clear in her voice.
"He is asleep. He tried calling her but she won't answer. He's said that she hasn't tried him."
"Only time will tell now," she curled her arms around me and fell asleep.

Harry's POV
I couldn't sleep. I wanted to get rid of Louis so I pretended to crash, but the empty bed next to me was haunting.

My phone buzzed suddenly and I grabbed it off the bedside table, not bothering to sit up.
"Hello?" I answered.
"Harry," she let out a deep breathe.
"Hi," I replied.
"I'm so sorry. I should've told you straight away," Jorgie whispered. She was obviously trying not to let her sister hear.
"I'm glad you didn't. I don't even want to speak to Niall."
"What about me?" Her voice got softer.
"I tried to call. I don't want to lose you. But I need to know, did you react to Niall kissing you?"
"If you mean by flailing my arms around and pushing at him, yeah," she half laughed, "But I didn't kiss him back."
I let out a deep breathe this time.
"Can you come and get me tomorrow morning?" She asked, her voice still low.
"Can I come and get you now?"
"You can't sleep either," she laughed.
"Doesn't feel right," I mumbled, "Also, your birthday's nearly over and I don't want you to spend it alone."
She caught on and laughed, "How soon can you be here?"
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