2. Wanted- The Untamed Series

Jorgie has been with Harry long enough to know what makes him tick. She knows that he is comfortable just staying in. However, Jorgie does want him to be more social and feels that they are getting in a bit of a rutt. How will she prevent this from happening?


9. It hardly counted

I almost knocked down Niall's door pounding on it. He looked startled as he answered it and almost got punched in the face. 
"Jorgie, you should be at home resting," he said, moving his hands around in a crazy gesture. 
"I want my cat back," I frowned. 
Lolly trotted into the living room and I scooped her up. Niall went to grab her stuff and when he returned, I practically grabbed him by his collar. 

"What did you tell Louis?" 
"Huh?" he frowned. 
"You told him something and he repeated it to El and they both caught onto something." 
"And you can hardly count that as a kiss too," I growled. 
"Our lips touched didn't they?" He smiled. 
"No! You half kissed my cheek and I didn't kiss you back. Don't tell people that I kissed you." 
"But we did," he frowned. 
"No, we didn't," I glared at him. 
I was a second, an inch of time for me to get away but I failed as he grabbed my neck and pulled me into a deep kiss. My arms flailed around me and I shoved at him with all my body, trying as hard as I could to get away. 
"Niall," I screamed when he pulled away. I stepped right back pressing myself against the door and trying to find the handle with my free hand. 
"Now we have," he smiled glumly, a little of my red lipstick on his lips. He was clearly proud of himself. 
I ran out and slammed the door behind me. 

Harry was still in the spot that I had left him and I practically threw his food at him. 
"What's the matter?" he asked, trying to pull himself off the lounge and grab his crutches at the same time. I stormed into the kitchen. I didn't cry, I merely pressed my throbbing head to the cold kitchen counter. 
It was five minutes before Harry walked in. 
"What's up?" he limped over and pushed my hair away so that he could see my face pressed to the counter. 
"Harry, where are your crutches?" I lifted my head and looked at him as he leaned on the counter. 
"I gave up on them about two seconds ago," he smiled. 
I could tell that my face lightened up. 
"Now, what's wrong?" 
"Just something Niall done. It just annoyed me." 
"Do you want me to say something to him?" he said protectively. 
"No, just leave it alone," I smiled, pulling him towards me. 
"Just so you're aware, you look amazing today," he smiled. I tugged on the collar of his shirt as he held onto my waist. 
"When I'm not half dead and stuck in a hospital bed with five boys to take care of me." 
"Hey, we done a good job," he laughed. 
"Yeah, you did," I smiled. 
"But seriously, you look amazing." 
He ran his hands along my bare back. My white dress was low cut at the back with long sleeves. 
He kissed me softly. I traced his mouth with my tongue and didn't pull back until he whimpered softly. 
"You okay?" 
He frowned and grabbed at his thigh, "My leg." 
"This is why you should be using crutches," I laughed, helping him back to the lounge room couch. He pulled me onto it with me and held me in a tight embrace. 

"When was the last time you showered?" I laughed playfully. 
"Is that your subtle way of saying I smell?" he laughed, pulling me back. 
"No," I teased, "Maybe." 
"Wow, you're nice," he smiled. 

I pulled him onto his crutches and helped him into the bathroom. I had to put a stool in the shower for him to sit on. I turned the shower on and he waited. 
"You're like a two year old," I laughed as I pulled his shirt over his head. 
I moved down to his pants and he threw his head back. 
"This would be considered hot if I wasn't in so much pain," he laughed.
"Shut up," I laughed, carefully sliding his pyjama bottoms off. 
I helped him into the shower and left, leaving the door open. I could hear him singing loudly. 
"Where do I begin? Should I tell you, how bad I need you now, yeah. You're underneath my skin, and I'm confused, my head is spinning all around, yeah." 
I done the dishes as he showered and then helped him get dressed. It was already 3pm and we weren't going anywhere so he got into more pyjamas. 

For dinner, I ended up reheating some of the dishes that Anne had made for us. We sat on floor in front of the tv and yelled out the answers to the quiz show that was on. Lolly was running around our legs stealing food off of our plate and joining in with the fun. I was half asleep by nine and had to help Harry to bed before I could crash myself. 
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