2. Wanted- The Untamed Series

Jorgie has been with Harry long enough to know what makes him tick. She knows that he is comfortable just staying in. However, Jorgie does want him to be more social and feels that they are getting in a bit of a rutt. How will she prevent this from happening?


8. He still loves her

"Are you okay?" I asked for the fiftieth time. 
"Harry," she almost growled, "If you ask me one more time, I'm gonna ask the nurse to move me to a single room!" 
"Sorry, do you need anything?" 
The boys were laughing from the seats near the window. 
"Harry, she's been awake for two hours and she is already annoyed at you," Liam laughed. 
"He has that affect on people," Louis joined. 
I threw the frozen yogurt from the counter next to me at them. 

"What's the date?" Jorgie suddenly looked up at me from the magazine she was reading.
"December 19th." 
"WHAT? I missed my sisters wedding. And we haven't gotten Louis anything for his birthday. And I haven't gotten anyone Christmas presents," she frowned, searching frantically for something. 
"Honey, your sister postponed her wedding to March and I'm sure Louis understands, as would everyone else about presents. Now what are you looking for?" 
"My phone," she looked up expectantly. 
I touched the yellowing bruise on her left cheek, "That wouldn't have survived the crash babe," I frowned, "Come to think of it," I turned to the boys, "What happened to me Audi?" 
I had never even asked. 
"Yeah mate, you won't be driving that again," Niall looked at his feet.
"Ohh, really?" I groaned, "I really liked that car." 
"So did I," Niall frowned. 

Jorgie's POV 
Louis' birthday and Christmas came before we knew it. Harry wanted to throw a party for Lou in the hospital room but the nurse kindly disallowed it. 
Christmas day made our room full. Nurses were coming to visit. Most of them liked us and bought us presents. Harry's family was in and out. The boys came late after visiting their own families in the morning, except Niall who spent it with Liam's family. All the girls came. El, Dani and Perrie. There was an on stream of family from Australia calling. I still hadn't moved to my feet and couldn't get out of bed, so all night people sat around me just talking and eating a Christmas dinner that the hospital supplied. 

It wasn't until the day before New Years eve that the nurse got me out of bed. I didn't have broken bones in my legs, so crutches like Harry's weren't necessary. The boys all stood around as I stood, making sure I didn't fall. To everyone's surprise, on New Years eve, I was walking around the corridors, unassisted. The nurse had to keep telling me to sit back down because they still feared that some of the stitching in my stomach, from the accident would bust. 

New Years day we decided to go outside. I was walking ahead of Harry on his crutches and there was a nurse who came with us. Everyone was enjoying a beautiful picnic in the garden area and it was the breathe of fresh air I needed. 

It was a month and a half after the accident that we left hospital. Louis had gone back to get Harry's Rangerover and picked us up in that. We didn't head straight home cause everyone was still at Anne's. It was almost like a Welcome out of Hospital party. 

It was the first time that I met all of Harry's family too, his cousins and all. 

After about 3 hours, we made our way back to London. Harry fell asleep in the car and I drifted off too, leaning on his shoulder. Eleanor was with Louis in the front seat and I could hear them talking softly before I crashed. 
"Babe," Louis took her hand, "I love you." 
She laughed softly, "I love you too Louis." 
"I have to tell you something but," Louis whispered. 
I heard El shuffle around and then she whispered, "They're asleep." 
"Okay. Niall came to talk to me yesterday," Louis was such a gossip, "And he was saying that he loved someone but she was taken." 
"Go on," El urged. 
Where was this headed? 
"I don't think he intended to tell me but they shared a kiss and he hasn't stopped thinking about her since he met her. He told me that he can't bear to watch her love the other guy anymore." 
"Well, who is the girl?" 
"He wouldn't tell me but I think I figured it out today. I think it might be-" 
I groaned loudly, making it sound like it was in my sleep. I think they almost jumped out of the car at the sound. 
That'll teach them, I though as I fell asleep, 
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