2. Wanted- The Untamed Series

Jorgie has been with Harry long enough to know what makes him tick. She knows that he is comfortable just staying in. However, Jorgie does want him to be more social and feels that they are getting in a bit of a rutt. How will she prevent this from happening?


14. Harry the counsellor

*Author's Note*
Sorry that this chapter is so short. It is getting into them leaving and I didn't want to half start it in half a chapter

Jorgie's POV 
"It's both your wedding but," I heard Harry say as I walked out of the room.
I grabbed Lolly and joined them in the living room. He was sitting in the armchair and had slid it so that he was facing Eleanor and Louis on the love seat. 
Lolly dug into my white knitted jumper and clung to me as I went to join them. 

"Is Harry playing counsellor?" I laughed, sitting on his lap. 
"He's pretty good," Eleanor laughed. 
"I know," I laughed, pushing Harry's hair out of his eyes. 
"Still sitting here," Louis called. 
I laughed and turned back to them, "Are you both all good? Or do you need some more time with counsellor Harry?" 
"I think we're good," Louis laughed, giving El a soft kiss on the lips. 
"Still sitting here," Harry mocked, laughing. 
"Let's go get lunch?" I said standing and putting Lolly on the floor. 
"Sure," El stood too, dragging Louis to his feet. 
We started to leave when Harry yelled out from behind us, "Uhh, can I at least get dressed first?" 
We all laughed but waited.  

We went to a little cafe called Charlie's. It was small and in one of the side streets so that made it quiet. 
"Yeah, so Dani's is set in June and then mine in July and then we'll have to set a date for yours and.." Eleanor was talking my ear off. 
I cut her off, "I was thinking next year for mine. Gives me heaps of time." 
"Where are you gonna have it?" Louis asked, breaking away from his conversation with Harry. 
I turned to Harry. We hadn't thought about that. Do we have two weddings? Or just one and fly one side of the family over? Or do we go to a completely different place and fly everyone?
"We haven't thought about that," Harry shook his head, "Cause who do you fly over? Or do you just have two weddings?" 
I stared at him in shock, "Were you just reading my mind?" I laughed. 
"Great minds think alike," he smiled. 
The boys had an interview that afternoon so I headed back to Louis and Eleanor's house with her. All the girls were there. Dani, Perrie and the rest of Little Mix, and a couple of Eleanor's friends that I had met before. 

"Perrie, I can't believe you are going to Australia for the first time without us," Jesy whined, laughing as she sipped her cocktail. 
"You're meeting me over there anyway," Perrie laughed. 
"First Australian tour!" the other girls whooped and they all started doing weird dance movements with their arms and chanting it over and over.

We were all sitting around the indoor pool when the boys got back. 
The were singing when the came in and calling for us. I couldn't help but laugh as Louis walked in first. He fell back into Harry's arms like he was in shock that there were girls in bikinis. 
The boys changed and joined us. 
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