2. Wanted- The Untamed Series

Jorgie has been with Harry long enough to know what makes him tick. She knows that he is comfortable just staying in. However, Jorgie does want him to be more social and feels that they are getting in a bit of a rutt. How will she prevent this from happening?


4. Get out more

Jorgie's POV 
"Hi Niall," I said, pushing the door to his flat open. 
He was in the middle of the floor, shirtless and doing sit ups. 
He flung up when I walked in, "Hi." 
"What are you doing?" I laughed. 
"I got bored. Who's this?" He walked over and pulled the kitten out of my hands. 
"Lolly. We were wondering whether you could take care of her." 
"Course. She's so cute," he rubbed his nose to hers and set her down. 
"Thanks. We're headed up to see Gemma before she has the baby." 
"Holy shit. It's been that long already?" He looked shocked. 
"It is almost November Niall," I laughed. 
"Shit. How are you anyway?" he smiled, giving me a warm, sweaty hug and pulling me to sit with him on the couch. 
"You're all sweaty Niall!" I laughed. 
"Sorry," he smiled, "How have you been?" 
"Good. Tired, but good." 
"Where's Harry?" 
"Ed was at our place. I think they are catching up." 
"You wanna stay here for a bit? I might go shower and then we can watch a movie or something." 
"Nah, I told Harry I would grab them lunch on my way back so no movie but we can just chat," I smiled weakly. 
He frowned in return, "Okay." 
"Are you going out tonight?" I asked. 
"It's Friday. Why wouldn't I be?" 
I laughed. Typical Niall. "You are such an alcoholic." 
He laughed, "You should come." 
"Maybe. We are headed away tomorrow but I'll see what Harry says." 
"Have you got any more jobs since that show got canned?" 
I looked down. Before I had left for Australia, I had been informed that the show that I was starring in was not going ahead. It had put me down for a bit cause I couldn't find another job. 
"Nah, I'm thinking of just getting a bar tending job at Funky Buddah." 
"And then you can make me free drinks," he got really excited. 
"Niall, you know the owner. You get free drinks anyway." 
"Shut up," he laughed.
After about fifteen minutes of more talking, things became really awkward when Niall reached over and pushed a strand of hair from my eyes, brushing my face in the process. 
"Sorry," he looked at his feet when I didn't respond. 
"Niall!!" I groaned, throwing my head back, "I thought we had sorted this out." 
"We had. We have." 
"I'm gonna go anyway," I said, standing. 
He grabbed my hand, "Don't leave cause I'm an idiot." 
"I'm not," I laughed, "I'm leaving because I have to go and pack and I also have to buy my boyfriend lunch." 
I kissed his cheek and gave him a hug before I walked out the door. 

The whole car ride home had me thinking. I should have told Harry about that kiss, I just didn't want to ruin the boys relationship. While I waited in the McDonald's drive thru, my phone beeped. 

From: Jesyy :P LM 
Hey.. Perrie said that Zayn told her the boys are coming out tonight.. You gonna come?? Haven't seen you in a while :) 

To: Jesyy :P LM 
You might see me make an appearance :) It's been too long :( 

From: Jesyy :P LM 
My point exactly!! Funky Buddha?? 8pm? 

To: Jesyy :P LM 
See you there!! ;) x

I got home to find Harry and Ed had moved to the floor. The were talking about Ed's new girl, Kate. He had been seeing her on-off and didn't really want to tie himself down. 

"Hi boys," I opened the door. 
I through them two McDonald's bags and sat down, digging into my own. 
"Thanks," they both smiled. Harry wiggled up and sat next to me. 
"Where going out tonight," I raised my eyebrows at him. 
"Really? Okay," he smiled. 
"Jesy and the other girls want me to go out and Zayn and Niall, I know are going." 
"Sounds fun." 
"Ed, are you coming?" I asked, turning to him still sitting on the ground. 
"That is like asking a fat kid if the want some birthday cake," he laughed. 

I got dressed to go out after we ate. It was around five and when it got to six, Ed left and Harry had a shower. 

Funky Buddha was packed. We were waved through by security and then went straight to the VIP section. 
The girls were all there with Zayn, Louis and Liam. El and Danielle were there too. Niall walked up from the bar with Andy and Maz. Harry disappeared and about 5 minutes later Niall did. I was talking to El for about 20 minutes before Jesy asked me to go to the bar with her. 

"How are things?" she smiled as we walked. 
"Alright, and you?" 
"Been better." 
"No reason. Just some fandom hate." 
"I know what you mean," I laughed. 
"Right," she smiled. 
"I'm gonna go bathroom. I'll meet you back at the table." 
"I'll come with," she said following me. 

We were laughing when we walked down the corridor. Our voices made two peoples heads shoot up at the end of the corridor. One of the faces I did not expect. I stormed away, running to the table, grabbing my bag and leaving quickly. 
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