2. Wanted- The Untamed Series

Jorgie has been with Harry long enough to know what makes him tick. She knows that he is comfortable just staying in. However, Jorgie does want him to be more social and feels that they are getting in a bit of a rutt. How will she prevent this from happening?


15. Discomfort first. Home later.

"You got everything?" 
"Yes," Harry laughed. 
"And your mum was fine with taking the kitten for a while?" 
"Yes," he repeated. 
We were walking through the back of the airport, avoiding the fans. 
"Everything is fine Jorgie," he said, taking my hand. 

It was four hours into the flight that I noticed Harry squirming in his seat. 
"You okay?" I asked.
Louis and El were in the seats opposite us and the others were all in front. It was a private plane so Louis had decided to put a movie on. I had no idea what it was but it was weird. 
"I'm okay," he smiled, looking at his feet. 
"Really?" I laughed putting a hand on his knee. 
"No," he laughed, tugging at the bottom of his shirt. 
"What?" I asked. 
He looked down again so I followed his gaze and let out a snort of laughter. 
"It's not funny," he groaned. 
I stood and grabbed his hand, pulling him with me. 
"Where are we going?" He whispered as we walked through the plane. 
Louis let out a wolf whistle from behind us and everyone else laughed. I smiled and pulled Harry into the small bathroom when we were out of everyone's sight. 

"Really?" he smiled as I sat up on the small sink. 
"Not like that," I shook my head laughing, "This place is too small." I kissed him softly, "I just thought I'd make you feel a little more comfortable." 
He groaned as my lips moved lower. 

"Feel better?" I asked as I done his belt up. 
"Thank you," he said, pulling my lips to his. 
I backed out of the door, my lips still pressed to his. I wasn't aware of the body behind me until I ran into it. 
I spun. "Liam!" I almost choked on my words.
Harry let out a choke of laughter from behind me. 
"Sorry," I laughed and let Harry lead me back down to our seats. 

When the plane landed, it was dark outside. Sydney was hot and as soon as we got out of the airport, I was sweating. 
Paparazzi got us as we got into the car but I was hoping that that would be the last of them. 

"Why is it so hot?" Liam said, as he, Harry and Niall all pulled their shirts off. The other boys followed suit. 
"Welcome to Australia," I smiled. 

It was around 11pm so we went straight to the hotel in my home town. We were going to my sisters first thing in the morning. 

"It's weird to be getting used to being in hotels," I laughed, walking out of the bathroom with my toothbrush in my mouth. 
Harry laughed from the bed. 
I spat and moved to sit next to him. 
"Tomorrow, what are we doing?" Harry asked. 
"Going to my sisters house cause I gotta get fitted for my dress but that will probably only take half the day." 
"And then in the afternoon?"
"I don't know yet," I laughed, "Let's just see how the day pans out." 

We were at my sisters house by nine the next morning. Everyone came. She looked exhausted but greeted everyone happily when we filled her living room. 
We left everyone there while I went to get my dress fitted. Just the girls came. There were five of us, so it was a full car but it seemed like a smaller capacity to the people in the house. 

"Are you okay?" I asked Shantelle as we headed down the highway.  
"Yeah, they have me working double shifts at the hospital most nights, so I'm just tired." 
"Double shifts," El said from the backseat, "Ouch!" 
"Yeah, sometimes it's 7am to late at night. Sometimes it's even earlier. I'm on holidays now but. They said four weeks before the wedding and three weeks after." 
"You excited?" Danielle asked. 
"Duh," Shantelle laughed, "I'm jittery and I'm just so ready for it." 
Perrie, who was quiet the whole car ride suddenly giggled. 
"What?" I laughed spinning in my seat. 
She held up her finger to show the diamond ring glittering on it. 
My jaw dropped. 
"Yay!!!" El hugged her and bounced in her seat, "We're all engaged now!! When did he ask you?"
"On the plane." 
"Wait? All engaged?" my sister stared at me. 
My eyes widened. I hadn't told her. 
"Umm, yeah," I bit my lip and held up my hand as she pulled into a parking spot. 
"What?!!??! Why didn't you tell me?" 
"I haven't even told mum. Please don't tell her yet."
Her eyes widened and I laughed. 

It talk an hour for the dress fitting. We all say around drinking coffee before and after she took my measurements. The place was quiet and it was so easy to talk. Shantelle had chosen red for her bridesmaid dresses. They were floor length and stunning. This got us to talking about our colours. 
"Baby green," I said straight-out, "It was always my favourite colour." 
"I'm going blue, I think. They're getting fitted when we get back," El smiled. 
"Something pastel. I don't know but," Perrie added. 
"Mine are purple," Dani laughed. 
"We're all different," I laughed. 

The house was even fuller when we got back. My mum was there with my dad and other sister. People that had grown up around me. I walked out to the backyard where Harry hovered near my dad at the barbecue. He and Louis both stood with beers in their hands.
"Hey," I smiled as I walked over. El was right behind me. 
"Hey," Harry smiled, curling his arms around my waist. 
"Have you met everyone?" I asked, suddenly remembering that Harry didn't know all the people I knew. 
He shook his head so I grabbed his hand. 
"I'll talk to you later dad," I smiled as I pulled all three people back inside. 
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