2. Wanted- The Untamed Series

Jorgie has been with Harry long enough to know what makes him tick. She knows that he is comfortable just staying in. However, Jorgie does want him to be more social and feels that they are getting in a bit of a rutt. How will she prevent this from happening?


16. A not-so-friendly reminder at an extremely-awkward lunch

"After the wedding, your dad booked the camping spot down the coast, if you wanna take the boys and all," my mum said over the phone. 
"Sounds very Aussie and very fun," I laughed, "Harry liked his birthday present too. How did you remember when it was?"
"Wikipedia," she laughed, "I didn't really get a chance to talk the other day. You'll have to come over, but maybe just you and Harry." She didn't say it in a rude way, more in the 'I want to spend time with my daughter way' and I could see her point. "I want to talk about you, and your engagement," she said. 
"Well, tomorrow I have a lunch date with a few people but how's Saturday?" 
"And Sunday?" 
"Why Sunday?" 
"Your birthday," my mum laughed. 
I threw myself on the bed and groaned, "I don't want to turn 20."
I heard Harry laugh from the bathroom. 
"Well, I'll see you then," my mum hung up. 

Harry walked out. 
"Camping trip after the wedding?" I asked, holding my arms out. He had a towel wrapped around him. 
He just smiled and grabbed my arms, intending to pull me up but I pulled him down. He laughed and kissed me softly.
"Are you coming to lunch tomorrow?" I asked as he sat back up. 
"Yeah. Aren't your old friends going to be there?" 
"Yeah. They facebooked me," I told him. 
He climbed into the bed and I crawled in next to him, curling in to his outstretched arms. 

A bunch of people were waiting at the table when we got there. I recognised all the faces as they stood to greet me. It was all overwhelming, for Harry too. I introduced, even though they didn't need it, everyone to him. 

"So, how is everything?" One of my old work friends, Amber asked. 
"Pretty good. We're engaged," I smiled, holding up my ring finger. 
"Wow, bit young?" Olivia said. I almost growled at her. She had been my worst nightmare in high school. Harry's hand circling my back was the only thing keeping me from dive tackling her across the table.  
One of my good friends, Jack, looked at his feet. He had hold of Amber's hand and I smiled, "Are you two back together?" 
Amber nodded. 
"Oh, that's so sweet," I smiled. 
"Yeah," she smiled half heartedly. 
 "Okay," I looked at Harry, "Can you grab me a drink?"
He nodded, kissed my cheek then went to the bar. 
Olivia turned to one of my other friends and rolled her eyes. Amber started arguing with Jack and they all were being really rude to me. 
"I don't even know why I came," I said more to myself. 
I stood and they all turned to see me spin on my heel and walk to the bar to grab Harry's arm.
"We're going anyway," I said, a sob in the back of my throat. 
"Okay," he nodded, understanding.
He kissed me softly again before taking my hand and leading me out of the restaurant. 

"What happened? Liam asked as I walked into the hotel Lobby. There had been fans outside so I had controlled myself 'til I had reached him. I gave him a hug and he rubbed circles into my back. 
"Was it bad?" he asked. 
"Those people are so cold," Harry frowned, "It's clear why Jorgie left in the first place." 

It was Niall that came into my hotel room a few hours later. Harry had gone to do something, which he had refused to tell me. Niall had bought me a tub of strawberry ice-cream and some timtams. 
"You know my comfort food," I laughed and patted the bed next to me. 
"What happened?" he asked, as I hadn't told them. 
"Nothing really. They were just really rude and they reminded me of why I left. I hate the people around here. Everyone thinks they know everyone. They don't."
He took the spoon out of my hand and took a scoop of ice cream. 
"So they were just rude in general?" 
"I almost punched one of them," I laughed. 
"You are like the least violent person I know," he laughed with me. 
We were both in laughing fits when we finished the ice cream. It was then that I realised how much I genuinely like Niall. He put a good atmosphere in the room. 
"You know, if you had told me earlier that you had feeling for me, I would probably eve single right now," I suddenly blurted. 
He looked hurt so I tried to clear up what I was saying. 
"There would have been no way I could pick between the two of you and risk all you boys hating me, so I would've picked neither. I would've locked myself in my flat, rather then take that drive with Harry down to the shops. I would've tried not to love him, or you." 
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