2. Wanted- The Untamed Series

Jorgie has been with Harry long enough to know what makes him tick. She knows that he is comfortable just staying in. However, Jorgie does want him to be more social and feels that they are getting in a bit of a rutt. How will she prevent this from happening?


1. Routines

"Harry!!!" I screamed. 
"What?" he asked, walking into the bedroom, a bowl of cereal to his chin. 
"Have you seen my blue jeans? They were in my suitcase." 
"No, I haven't. They might be in the laundry but cause I threw a bunch of clothes in there." 
"Thanks," I kissed his cheek as I walked out past him. 

We had only just gotten back from Australia and it felt so good to be back in his place. As I walked down the hall, I pulled my wavy blonde hair into a plait. I had already done my makeup. I only had a white T-shirt on and my undies cause I couldn't find my jeans. 

"Harry? Are you almost ready?" I called from the laundry. 
"What for?" he called back. 
"You have a meeting and then you told Nick that we would meet him for lunch." 
"Oh yeah." 

I walked back into the living room wearing my jeans. He was dressed and smiled at me. 
"How do you do that?" I laughed.
"Make getting ready look so easy?" 
He laughed, "Don't worry. You look better then me all the time so it adds up." 
I laughed and grabbed my bag and his hand as we headed out the door. 

Dating Harry was easy. At times. The screaming girls were sometimes an issue. They seemed to be everywhere as we had only just returned to England. 

I jumped into the passenger side of his Audi and we left the underground parking. There were fans surrounding us when we got out. The security had jumped in, thank god and we were headed to Simon's office. 

All the boys were there. El and Dani had come too. We waited outside, like little kids waiting to see the principle, while they had their meeting. 
"It feels so good to be back," I sighed, leaning my back against the wall. 
"Jorgie, it just feels so good that everything is back to normal," Dani smiled at me. 
"Yeah," I agreed. 
"Louis literally ran around the house with excitement when we got home yesterday," El laughed, "It was so cute." 
"Liam was the same. He couldn't be more excited to be home," Dani added. 
"Harry might as well have passed out he was that exhausted. We didn't even eat dinner," I laughed. 
We were all giggling when the five boys came out. Simon was behind them. 
"So, you all understand? Top secret," he stared pointedly at the three of us. We cowered in our seats. 
The boys laughed and nodded, before pulling us to our feet. 
"Lunch time?" Harry smiled as his hands moved from my hands to my waist. 
I nodded and let him lead me out. 

Lunch brought out another side of Harry. He was being like Louis and just acting like he didn't care what people thought of him. It was funny, at first, but it got kind of embarrassing. Nick was encouraging him too. 
"Nick," I frowned, "Is he usually like this with you?" 
"I think he is showing off a bit today cause you're here," he laughed. 
I raised my eyebrow and it made him laugh even more. 

That afternoon we spent laying on the couch. Harry made butter chicken for dinner and we watched the XFactor on tv. He couldn't help criticising all the people on there.  

As we were about to go to bed, my phone buzzed. 
"Hi mum," I answered. 
Harry was on my heels as we walked into the bedroom. 
"Hi honey," she was over cheery, "Shantelle set a date." 
I groaned a little inside. We had just got back from Australia and now I was going to have to go back for my sisters wedding. 
"Great," I tried to sound happy, "When?" 
"January. Right in the middle of summer." 
"That's great." 
I yawned. 
"Honey, did I wake you?" 
"No, I'm headed to bed now. It's 11:30," I laughed. 
We farewelled each other and I hung up. 

"January," I said, as I crawled in next to Harry. 
"Yay!" he cheered. 
I couldn't help but laugh. 
"What?" he smiled, wrapping his arm around my waist, "Your family are fun." 
I laughed. In Australia, Harry had insisted that my family come to a show and practically dragged them wherever we went. 

"Hey," I looked up and snuggled into his arms, "What do you want to do tomorrow?"
"Sleep," he laughed. 
"That sounds productive," I giggled. 
"How about we go shopping for a bit and then we can go for lunch with Lou and El if they are free?"
I nodded and sank under the duvet. Harry kissed my nose and I wrapped my arm around his waist as we both fell asleep. 

The next morning I messaged Eleanor. 

To: El :) 
Hey!! What are you and Louis doing today?? Harry and I were gonna go for lunch, you wanna join?? 

From: El :) 
A double date? I'm up for it. Haha See you at like 12:30 at that little Italian restaurant downtown. 

To: El :) 
Sure thing. Xx 

"Morning," Harry yawned as I got up. He stayed in bed while I showered and then whilst I done my make up, he showered. We almost had routines with what we done. I made breakfast while he went to get the mail. Then he made the bed while I out laundry on. We left the house at around 10. 
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