My Heart Or My Head?

This Is a romance Fan Fic of Harry and Zayn both falling in love with the same girl when kierha is to pick who will she choose her heart or her head?


9. You Like Me.

i layed back down into Zayn's arms and he woke up when i put my head back on his shoulder "Kierha?" i sat back up "im sorry did i wake you..sorry" i said looking down at the bed "no no that's fine" i smiled at him and he smiled back at me and layed back down on him "wanna hear something weird?" i asked him "yeah sure im all ears" he said wrapping his arms around me "Harry asked me if i liked you and he kind of got mad at me.." he looked down at me and i looked back up at him "what did you say?" "to what?""the question..what harry asked you" then harry walked through the door and looked at me and Zayn and i just closed my eyes. 

"okay guys lets go already im starving" i hear Niall scream waking us all up i look up and see Zayn looking down at me "hey" "hey" i said back smiling at him "we should get up" he said laughing "yeah" i said laughing back and sitting up.. "Come on you can ride with me and we can talk" harry said putting his hand out for me to take "i was actually going to stay back with Zayn and we were going to go to a different place then every one else sorry though maybe next time" i said smiling and looking at Zayn "yeah.. yeah sure yeah we were going to go some where different" he said smiling back at me then we both looked at harry "right..yeah okay maybe another time" harry said smirking and putting his hands back into his pockets.. i felt kind of bad but i didn't want to be bossed around he's not my dad and we are defiantly not married. 

"So why did you say that to harry this morning?" Zayn asked as he was putting syrup on his pancakes "because i just i don't know.." he looked up at me and raised an eye brow "you like me" he said putting his fork down and wiping his hands on his napkin "im sorry..?" i asked him "you like me" he said leaning back and crossing his arms and smirking at me "i don't i what?" he wiped his mouth with his fingers and leaned in towards me "i like you to" he said smiling and i leaned in as well so are nose's were touching "you wish" i said smiling back at him "then don't kiss me back" "you ba-" he cut me off by kissing me but i couldn't hold it i had to kiss that boy back so i put my hand around his neck and pressed my lips hard against him allowing his access with his tongue and his tongue and my tongues fought but he soon won and we pulled away and he smiled at me "told you, you like me" he said smiling at me and i shook my head and smilied back at him. 

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