My Heart Or My Head?

This Is a romance Fan Fic of Harry and Zayn both falling in love with the same girl when kierha is to pick who will she choose her heart or her head?


13. When Words try to come out.

when we got back to the hotel room i couldn't stop crying it just hurt thinking Amanda was starving herself... "kierha its okay you know its not your fault right?" Harry asked me "yeah i know it just hard because i cant lose Amanda she's the only thinking of my family i actually like although she's anoyying and everything still.." Niall walked out of are room crying and saw me and Harry who were standing out side the room "she-she said she didn't feel like she was good enough for me" he said sobbing in his hands "awe Niall you know that just means she loves you in her own weird way" Harry said rubbing his back "you should go sit down Kierha" Niall said grabbing my hand and pulling me into the guys room and i saw Zayn sitting on his bed and when i walked in her smiled at me and i smiled back at him "you can change out of those clothes and into my sweats and Harry's sweater that's over there" he said pointing at Harry's bed where the sweater was and handing me his sweats "thank you Niall your so nice"i said smiling and walking into the bathroom.. when i came out i saw Zayn reading a magazine and no one else was in the room except for Louis but he was sleeping in his onesie so cute..i jumped on Zayn and grabbed his magazine "what are you reading?" i said sitting in-between his legs and looking at the magazine 'Zayn appears to still be single and we saw all the guys hanging out with girls except for Zayn... could Zayn be gay?' i laughed "that's so stupid" i said turning and looking at Zayn who had a sad face "oh my god your not seriously letting this get to you are you?" "i guess yeah i am it just hurts cause im not i like girls i just never had them see the girl i like and so they think im gay and ugh.." i looked at him "you like a girl who do i know her?" i asked looking away "yeah but she dosent know" he said laughing "you should tell her then.. sorry i didnt know you liked someone i totally like jumped onto you sorry"i said getting up and throwing him the magazine back and putting my hands in Harry's sweater pockets "its you.." "what's me?" then the door opened and Harry and Liam walked in "you got to be kidding me.." Zayn said looking away i just looked at him confused then looked back at harry "hey that's my sweater it looks way hotter now though for some reason" he said laughing and i laughed to.

"Amanda its Niall and your sister Kierha are you feeling okay?" Niall asked as Amanda started wakeing up "im sorry" she said right away "i just thought you will never like me if im fat Niall and i just.." "your my girlfriend ill never think your fat you could be 500 pounds and thats okay with me" "YOUR GIRLFRIEND?"i yelled and Amanda and Niall just laughed "yeah were dating now" Niall said smiling at me.

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