My Heart Or My Head?

This Is a romance Fan Fic of Harry and Zayn both falling in love with the same girl when kierha is to pick who will she choose her heart or her head?


8. Were Not Married..

"Kierha wake up" i heard a voice shaking me and looked up to see harry standing there in his boxers "Harry wha-" he cut me off "shh every one a sleep" "then what are we doing up" i turned and looked i was on Zayn's chest "cause i wanna show you something he said smiling and holding his hand out for me to take "harry i don't wanna wake any one up" "then be a ninja" he said winking at me as i took his hand and slowly crawled off Zayn.

"Harry where are we?" i asked as harry took his hands off my eyes and we were on the roof top and he had candles every where "wow.." is all i could say he smirked and bite his nails "Harry this isn't for me is it" he nodded all cutely and then looked down at me "kierha i like you" he said smiling and biting his lips then he grabbed my waist and pulled me into him and kissed me hard and deeply and then he back up and i still had my eyes closed and he slowly rubbed his fingers on my lips i opened my eyes then looked at the blanket he had layed out and i walked over to it and turned to him "Come here" i said smiling as he walked over and wrapped his arms around my back again "yes" he said looking at my lips and then i went down onto the blanket and sat down still holding his hand and looking up at him as he looked down at me and then he sat down beside me "Harry you didn't do this to try and you know..." he looked at me confused "to what kierha?" he said putting his arm around me and pulled me in closer as my head hit his chest "To hook up.." i said under my breath hoping her didn't even hear but of coarse he did... "No Kierha i would never do that! i brought you here cause the view is so beautiful it made me think of you" he said looking down at me and then kissed my forehead "i really like you kierha there's just a problem" i sat up and looked at him "what?" i said confused "Zayn" he said looking away and then back at me "Zayn?" "Zayn likes you kierha and i can see it in your eyes you have feeling there for him as well" i moved farther away then stood up "maybe i should go" i said walking away and wrapping mt hands around me cause i was cold "DO YOU LIKE HIM BACK" i heard him yell and i turned around to see harry standing and looking at me "Harry stop" i said scratching my head "why should i stop i just need to know for my own sanity kierha tell me" he said crossing his arms "I don't know maybe a little yeah there are feeling there but god harry were not even dating and your acting like were married im going back to bed now and yes harry its in Zayn's bed oh no" i said angrily and walking back into the hotel room.

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