My Heart Or My Head?

This Is a romance Fan Fic of Harry and Zayn both falling in love with the same girl when kierha is to pick who will she choose her heart or her head?


15. Therapy.

*knock knock* *four day before boys leave for tour* "hey nicole you still in the bathroom" amanda said banging on the door "amanda i said ill be out in a minute" "you guys make me laugh" i said laughing and smiling at amanda "well my date with Niall starts in about thirty minutes and i need to put my make up on so please Nicole just this once can you be nice to me" "ummm nope" she said laughing "come on Ni-" the door to are hotel room opened up and there stood Zayn and Harry nose's bleeding clothes tattered and angry faces.

"oh my god what happened" Amanda said running over to them and Nicole walked out of the bathroom "oh yeah now you come out" Amanda said looking and Nicole and she smirked at her" i stood up from the bed and looked at them "but seriously guys what happened?" Amanda asked them again "pick one kierha pick one now" i looked surprised at them "i don't know what you mean" "STOP" harry screamed then looked down making me jump "stop playing us and pick" Nicole and Amanda both looked at each other than walked out of the room "i-i cant its not that simple" "you got to be kidding me" \ Zayn said looking away "i don't know who to chose please i just-" "you just what thought it would be okay to screw with us than when the fun was over you'd just leave is that it?" Harry asked crossing his arms i started to cry "oh look what you did you made her cry" Zayn said shoving harry "i made her cry i made her cry" he said shoving him back.

"STOP STOP" i said going in-between them then looked at the door "you need to leave" harry cracked his neck "GET OUT NOW" i screamed crying hard now "i don't wanna see either of yous ever again now get out of my hotel and out of my life, you jerks" i said storming out.

I didn't really know where i was going but with the boys leaving in four days and my stomach tossing and turning like it is right now i just broke down. so i did something i think was smart i guess in a way... 

"Hello Kierha and why are you here today" "cause i needed someone to talk to i guess and because im stupid" "tell me why you say this?" the girl in a women's suite asked me "because i think im in love maybe but i don't know who it is with..?" "well tell me all about it" "well there's on i love in my head and one whom i love in my heart but i don't know who to chose..??" "and tell me the names whom is in your head and whom maybe in your heart my dear?" "well Zayn he's in my...."

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