My Heart Or My Head?

This Is a romance Fan Fic of Harry and Zayn both falling in love with the same girl when kierha is to pick who will she choose her heart or her head?


6. Sleep over any body?


"Are you serious?" i asked him confused "Yeah play mouth card with me with out a card" he said smiling "okay kiss me then" i said raising my eye brows as he leans down and looks in my eyes "are you sure" he says winking at me "Harry dont screw around kiss me" "ouu i like hearing you beg for it" he says laughing and smiling at the same time "Harry.." "Yes kierha" "GET OFF ME!" I said screaming and wiggling around trying to get him off me "i want that kiss first" "well i told you to kiss me then" i said rolling my eyes "but i want you to beg me for it" "harry im not going to beg you for a kiss.." "then ill stay here" he said laughing as we are still 5 inches apart "fine.." "yes kierha?" "please harry i want you to kiss me" he smiled "not good enough "Oh my god harry i cant live without you kissing me please i want to feel your lips on mi-" he cut me off with a kiss and backed up and let me go.

I sat up and looked at harry who was standing in front of me looking down at me "Harry.." "yeah" he said quietly "lets do that again?" he smiled and sat down beside me and pulled me onto his lap i looked at his lips and bit my lip he looked at my lips too and leaned in as we started to make out he layed onto of me.. after ten minutes there was knock at the door and i had my shirt off but we didn't go farther then making out and his shirt was off as well he popped up and put his shirt on and smiled at me "Im gonna get that gorgeous you should put your shirt on" he said winking and walking to the door i got up and put my shirt on and followed distant behind him as he opened the door and in came Zayn and Liam "where are the others?" harry asked confused "they stayed back and got smoothies" Zayn said laughing and walking towards me "what were you guys doing anyway" Zayn said looking at me and i looked at Harry who was smiling at me and walked up to me "Nothing just chillen" Harry said nudging me.

"Okay Kierha lets go back to the rooms" Louis said standing up "Wouldn't it be cool if we had a sleep over nothing weird just a sleep over" Louis said clapping his hands "I don't think Liam will be okay with that" Zayn said finishing his drink and standing up also "Who made Liam boss?" Harry said smiling at Louis "I cant leave the girls either sorry" "The girls to homie" Louis said smiling at me "i guess if it fine" i said smiling back "that's it then were having a sleep over" Louis said walking towards the door and out.. i cant believe i just agreed to a sleep over.. what if harry try's something? 

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