My Heart Or My Head?

This Is a romance Fan Fic of Harry and Zayn both falling in love with the same girl when kierha is to pick who will she choose her heart or her head?


7. Movie Night!

"Louis I KNOW THIS WAS YOUR IDEA THE GIRLS ARE NOT STAYING OVER!" Liam said yelling at Louis in the hall out side are room doors "YOU HAVE NO PROOF OF THIS!" Louis said crossing his arms "Zayn?" Liam said still looking at Louis "yeah it was lou's idea" Zayn said laughing and then Liam looked at Louis with crazy eyes "calm down lilou" harry said crossing his arms and laughing "calm on Liam just like a girls night with us it'll be fun we can watch movie's and just talk nothing to kinky Lee baby" Louis said stroking liam's face "ugh fine but nothing more then movie's!" Liam said walking into the room then we all gave each other high fives.

"Kierha wanna sit with me on my bed?" Zayn asked patting on his lap and the bed "yeah sure" i said smiling and then looking at harry who was mad and walking over to his a Louis bed as i went and sat pretty much on Zayn "what do you guys want to watch then?" Liam asked us all "21 dresses Amanda said clapping her hands and smiling at Niall "I don't care whatever" Nicole said "Im gonna have to go with Nicole i don't really care" i said as i feel Zayn secretly kissed under my ear and i put my hand on his leg and squeezed it. "Zayn" i whispered "yeah  beautiful" he said in my ear "remember what Liam said i don't want to get in trouble" i said laughing and Harry turned and looked us and Zayn's head was close to mine as harry squeezed his fist and just turned back to the movie that was being put in.

"Well that was the most umm... interesting movie i've watched" Louis said laughing and putting his arm around harry "yeah so what's next?" Niall said clapping his hands "lets let umm well how about we put names in a hat and draw who gets to pick the next one?" Louis said grabbing a hat "you don't have to put my name in i don't really care" Nicole said looking at her phone "non sense every ones name is going in and that's finale" Niall said demanding. 

"Kierha" Louis said looking at me "you get to pick the next movie" Louis said smiling and holding up the paper that said my name on it "no one will like my type of movie's so just pick a new name probably" "just pick one" harry said winking at me when Zayn was looking at his phone "alright then.. umm what about paranormal activity one because the other ones suck so" Niall started biting his nails as Amanda started like rocking him like a baby i just rolled my eyes "told you" i said laughing "paranormal activity one it is then Kierha" harry said jumping up and ordering the movie off the TV "HARRY!" Niall said wrapping a blanket all over his and Amanda's body's to keep the selves 'safe' i just laughed and so did everyone else.



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