My Heart Or My Head?

This Is a romance Fan Fic of Harry and Zayn both falling in love with the same girl when kierha is to pick who will she choose her heart or her head?


4. Mouth Card.

when we got back from shopping we all went to my room an sat around the beds Zayn was beside me and Harry on my other side and Amanda, Nicole and Niall on her bed and Louis and Liam in chairs. "Want to play a game" Amanda said jumping onto her knees on the bed "Sure" Niall winking at her "What did you have  in mind?" Louis asked standing up and clapping in excitement "Mouth Card!" Amanda said laughing and looking at me i just shook my head "No Amanda!" i said snapping back at her "Why not to scared Kierha eh?" "Im not scared that just a stupid game!" "Why what is it?" Liam asked curiously "Well" Amanda said with a grin "Amanda seriously!" i said shaking my head and picking up my phone to see the time 7:23pm well its not that late i guess we could play... "Okay so you take a card and suck on it like this and then you have to pace to card around every on sucking on it to hold it in your mouth and passing it to the next person and you keep going around trying not to drop the card!"  "that could be fun!" Niall said smiling at Amanda making Amanda blush so hard that everyone could tell! "I don't know if i wanna play" i said standing up "well if you play ill play" Zayn said smiling at me making me smile back "come on kierha just do it" Nicole said nudging me laughing "okay i guess" i said sitting back down in-between harry and Zayn. Amanda started and passed it to Niall who passed it to Nicole who passed it to Harry who passed it to Louis who passed it to Liam who passed it to Zayn and just as Zayn was about to pass it to me the card drops smashing Zayn's lips into mine he moved closer pressing harder into my lips making me fall back a little into Harry as he backed up and then there was an awkward pause as my head fell back into Harry's lap..... then sat up and looked at Zayn who had his had over his mouth to hide his smile "well this game just got a hole lot of awkward" Louis said standing "Well boys i think we should go and get something to eat" as all the boys one by one walked out of the room and Amanda ran behind them and shut it after them and Nicole turned around and looked at me. as i had my hands over my face laughing. "UMM what was that Kierha?" Nicole asked laughing "Umm i don't really know my self right now" i said blushing and turning around to grab my wallet then turning back around "supper now?" i said laughing "yeah lets get out here" Amanda said already heading out the door.

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