My Heart Or My Head?

This Is a romance Fan Fic of Harry and Zayn both falling in love with the same girl when kierha is to pick who will she choose her heart or her head?


10. Im single...

"hey where did you guys go?" Amanda asked me and Zayn when we walked back into the hotel room "umm we just went for breakfist then some smoothies" Zayn said smiling at me then Harry crossed his arms and walked by us and out the door "umm ill be right back okay?" i said to Zayn walking out the door and chasing after harry down the hall "harry wait slow down" i stopped him and put my hand on his shoulder "you think its funny walking in all smiles and jot you think its funny to hurt me like this?" he said sad as a tear fell down his cheek "Harry I" "save it kierha you know i actually really liked you stupid right.. i actually stopped and thought i wouldn't mind settling down with her she's cool and fun and gets me" he said looking away from me "You know im not dating Zayn... we went out for breakfist harry its okay im sorry i didn't mean to hurt you!" i said looking at him worried "know this kierha.. im not going to stop trying.. im going to try and try until you have no choice but to give in" he said putting his hand behind my neck and looking down at me "I hope you do" i said smiling up at him then turning around and walking back to the room and half way to the room i turned back to harry "this is the part where you follow me back to the room" i said smiling at him and he smiled back and ran up to me and we walked back to the room together,

"OKAY GUYS WE HAVE TO GO FOR SUPPER LIKE NOW!" Niall said screaming at us in hunger "of coarse babe lets go" Amanda said jumping up from the bed and grabbing Niall's hand and following him out the door and we all soon followed behind "Kierha wanna ride with me?" Harry asked me "sure" i said following harry to his vehicle and so did Louis and Zayn and Nicole,

"Supper was good" Niall said rubbing his tummy as we all walked into the hotel room "yeah" Amanda said smiling at Niall and they started cuddling the hole way up to the room "so kierha i was wondering if you wanted to go swimming with me and Louis?" Harry asked me smiling at me "Yeah sure" "hey i think we should all" Niall said smiling at every one "yeah sure" i said smiling back at Niall "cool" Nicole said jumping up and walking to are room grabbing my hand and pulling me with her. "Kierha you have to wear this bathing suite" she said holding up a really slutty bathing suite "that hides nothing!" "i know" she said smiling at me "okay hand it over" i laughed and ran to the bathroom.


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