My Heart Or My Head?

This Is a romance Fan Fic of Harry and Zayn both falling in love with the same girl when kierha is to pick who will she choose her heart or her head?


12. How a Time can Go for Happy to Sad.

when we got back to the room Zayn left me a note under the door 'meet me at the roof top in 20 min when ever you get this which i hope is soon xoxo -Zayn' i blushed as the boys passed by are door and went into there room.. i walked over to my bag and pulled out my pj's pink bottoms and a tight black v neck slipped on my toms and went up to the roof and i didn't see anything till i felt an arm go around me and in his hand was a rose and he whispered "ill give you a rose everyday that i have feelings for you just to remind you that your always in my heart" as he kissed my neck and i felt tingles go down my spine and i took the rose in my hand and turned to face him "your so cute" i said laughing "does that mean you forgive me?" "yes your forgiven" i say smiling at him "good" he says smiling back "well then i should probably warn you about what im about to do then right." "what are you going to do" i say laughing "well it involves you" "really" "yup and me" i laugh "sounds good so what are we doing?" "just what I've been thinking about since I've seen you" "what's that" he smiled at me and leaned in and kissed me passionately "play you a song" he whispers as he backs away i just laughed and he lead me over to the ledge then pulled up two seats and he grabbed his guitar and smiled at me as he started playing i recognized the song but what was it called again? "you and I... Two of a mind, this loves one of a kind," he looked so cute playing and singing "you and I we're drifting over the edge" he looked at me then back at the guitar as he sang "and i will fall for you, and i will fall for you, and if i fall for you..will you fall to?" i knew the song Fall by Ed Sheeran but Zayn sang it so cute.. as he ended the song he looked at me"would you fall too.." "i think i am" i said looking at him as he smirked at me "your who i wanna see when i wake up and who i wanna be with after.. Kierha will you.." the door opened to the roof "KIERHA COME QUICK IT AMANDA SHE..SHE JUST COME" Nicole said screaming and crying as i looked at Zayn "im sorry i have to go" i said grabbing his hand then letting go as i ran back into the building with Nicole running to i ran into the room and saw Amanda on the floor i shook her "what happened?" i looked at Nicole "i don't know she just collapsed" "we have to get her to a hospital like now" i said crying so i ran to harry's room and knocked on the door "Hello?" harry said answering with just a towel on "you need to help me please its Amanda she just collapsed" "WHAT"i heard behind harry Niall yell and run passed me then harry nodded "just let me get some clothes on" he said running into the bathroom then i ran back to my room and waited.

"Well it looks like she fainted from lack of nutrition." the doctor said looking at us "mind saying that in english mate?" Louis asked "she starved herself almost to death by the looks of it.." 

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