My Heart Or My Head?

This Is a romance Fan Fic of Harry and Zayn both falling in love with the same girl when kierha is to pick who will she choose her heart or her head?


2. Hi Im Kierha..

"I call this bed with Nicole" as Nicole and I jumped onto the bed. "What ever i get a bed to my self" "What ever i have my best friend here with me" i laughed and clapped Nicole's hand "Don't fight with me cause ill win Kierha!" "yeah okay lets go get something to eat guys!" "Okay" Nicole said jumping up and out of the bed "Im starving" Amanda said after... ---after eating--- "You know i still cant believe mom trusts us to come here to London then to California after all by are selves" Amanda says smiling "Amanda we are 18 we can even without her permission dumb ass" i said laughing at her "yeah what ever imagine if we saw one direction Kierha OMG NIALL WOULD FALL MADLY IN LOVE WITH ME!" Amanda starts jumping up and down "Im sorry Amanda but i don't think that will happen" Nicole says looking at me "yeah sorry Amanda" i said after "what ever i still think we will" "what ever floats your boat" i say picking up my bathing suite "going swimming?" Nicole asked me "yeah want to come anyone?" i asked smiling at them "No im pooped im gonna sleep!" said Amanda "yeah same her girl sorry" said Nicole after smiling back at me "Okay your loss" ------at the Pool-------  So nice in the hot tub... then i see foot dipping into the water and a person screaming "HOT" and another boy said behind him "Zayn you are such a pussy" i just laughed and looked up "see im sure the girl sitting in the ""Hot"" water agrees with me" as he comes and sits next to me "hello love im Niall" he said smiling "hey kierha, i recognize you from some where.." "oh man please don't yell and scream" Zayn say behind me "why would i scream?" they looked at me confused "Umm you don't know who we are?" i snapped my fingers "One Direction right?" "Yeah..???" Niall said "Cool" i said nodding my head "well then that's different" Zayn says walking around and sitting in next to me "Why are you guys in a hotel don't you live in London or something?" "Not this part and not all of us" Zayn said smiling at me i smiled back "Where are the others.. wait there are others right?" "yeah Harry's sleeping i think and Liam and Lou went shopping" "Oh cool cool.. my sister is like in love with you guys" "really how old's your sister?" Niall said winking and looking at me "same age as me 18 were twins" i said smiling at him and he smiled back "Twins eh Louis has twin sisters that's cool" Zayn said playing with the water "Cool cool" "HEY YOU GUYS LEFT WITHOUT ME!" i hear another guy yell behind me as they both turn around so did i "We thought you were sleeping laddie" Niall says back to him "Yeah so we left" Zayn said laughing "Well i wasnt... hey who's this beautiful girl" he said looking at me i blushed a bit but tried to hide it then Niall responded quick "KIERHA she's my new best friend cause she didn't scream when she saw us actually she didnt even know us" he said splashing me "hey" i splashed him back "Well hi Kierha im Harry".

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