My Heart Or My Head?

This Is a romance Fan Fic of Harry and Zayn both falling in love with the same girl when kierha is to pick who will she choose her heart or her head?


5. Get off me!

When we got back from supper we were all pretty tired so we crashed for the night.

"wakey wakey im taking you out for breakfist" i hear Harry say walking my up with his big green eyes "What?" i said laughing "yeah everyone left so i decided it time for some Kierha Harry time so how bout it?" he said smiling at me and i smiled back "well i guess but i have to get dressed" "non sense im in pyjamas to see" he said jumping up and showing me his onesie he had on i just laughed "what's so funny?" "really harry a onesie?" "umm yeah there awesome maybe ill give you one" he said winking and smiling at me "i don't know if id wear it" i said winking and smiling back at him "any ways where do you wanna go for breakfist madame?" he said holding his hand out and helping me out of bed :i don't know where ever you want to is cool with me" i said smiling and he smiled back "well then your in for the time of your life cause we are going to my buddy's house who is out of town and im going to cook you some Harry's special so lets go" he said winking then turning around and dragging me out the door.

"Kierha pass me the flour in the cup board there" harry said pointing at a cup board "alright" i said getting up from my chair and getting the flour out of the cup board. "so you just use your buddy's house to cook and eat all his food while he's away?" "yeah pretty much" he said laughing and putting more flour in the pancake batter 

"Do you like them" he smiled eating the pancakes "yeah there great your weirdly a awesome cook" i said laughing and winking at harry "i know i am he said laughing and pushing me a bit "you id not just push me" i said pushing him back "awwe nah girl you just pushed me now this means war" he said laughing and standing up grabbing a hand full of flour and throwing it all at me.. "HAARRYY!!!" "yes flour face?" "you are so on" i said running and jumping on his back and grabbing flour and sprinkling it all in his hair "HEY KIERHA MY CURLYS" he said laughing running with me on his back and throwing me onto the couch and jumping on top of me restraining my hands and legs from moving "Harry get off me right now!" screamed at him "nah i don't think i will i think ill sit like this all day" he said smirking like he was pleased with him self.

"Its been twenty minutes you proved your point harry get off" "no im not going to thanks for asking though" he said laughing and looking at me smiling "fine what do you want?" he laughed "what do you mean?" "i mean what can i do to get you off me?" he laughed "i don't know" "hurry up and think of som-" he cut me off "Kiss me Kierha" he said serious looking now... was he serious?

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