My Heart Or My Head?

This Is a romance Fan Fic of Harry and Zayn both falling in love with the same girl when kierha is to pick who will she choose her heart or her head?


14. Forever Alone.

I feel so single everyone pretty much has a bf or gf and im left out... sigh to be my sometime's "HEY" i heard harry say knocking at the door as i was laying on my bed... "hey" i said smiling looking over at him "what you doing?" he asked me coming and laying down beside me "just thinking" i said "about?" "just stupid things" "well i wanna hear these stupid things" i looked at him and rolled my eyes then looked back at the ceiling "just...ugh no its dumb" i said sitting up then walking to the bathroom and shutting the door then i heard a knock at the door "Kierha.." "what harry?" "can i come in?" "its a bathroom its kind of one person job" he laughed i know your not going to the bathroom i cant hear anything make noise to tell me your alive" he said laughing i fake coughed "there you go noise now get" i said laughing "nah ill just wait here" "HARRY!" I screamed laughing "yes?" "get!" "no you come out here and make me" "i will don't dare me and think i aint going to do it cause i will be careful!" i said laughing "I dare you." he said seriously and i opened the door and looked at him and then he moved in closer to me "you chicken out?" "i never chicken out" i said laughing and grabbing his hand "your so cute" i just laughed and walked him out side my room then ran back in the room and closed the door "HA that will teach you to dare me" i yelled laughing and laying back down on the bed.

Its been like a month and the boys are leaving in like a week now for there concert here there first concert to start there tour and then they leave and that's it....we were all just friends i could say then? but what if i have feeling in my heart but then someone's also in my head.... which one should i chose and yeah im sure you know who im talking about....I've been searching and searching for that one 'true love' but what if god forgot to make mine and im just suppose to learn from these feelings....what if mine died of cancer or got hit by a car honestly i feel that way sometimes i know im not suppose to search like seek and destroy but what if i need answers and fast how do i get them.. what if i pick the wrong guy to end up with or even worse don't pick either and lose them both? Amanda and Nicole are really hard to talk to since Amanda and her irsh boy are all lovey dovey and Nicole and her bf have been dating for a while now and she thinks there 'soul mates' considering he is my ex boyfriend and we were best friends before that i laugh at the idea of it but what do i know what if he is her meant to be the one god made for her or what ever? was i forever alone... 

my heart..... or my head? 


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