My Heart Or My Head?

This Is a romance Fan Fic of Harry and Zayn both falling in love with the same girl when kierha is to pick who will she choose her heart or her head?


17. Finale part two: (my heart or my head?)

i looked into the eyes of angels i was in heaven and i had to chose which angel to fly with... okay that was a little cheesy but you get the point i had to make a choice and i was the only one to make it, it was all on me now. "I really like both of yous" i said taking both there hands one hand in my right and one in my left "but of coarse your right i cant keep stringing one along." i said smiling then looking down at the table "sometimes in life you have to pick a picture or a point of view" i said scratching my head.

"Harry you are my Canoe" he raised an eye brow at me and i laughed "and Zayn you are my mountain  i said smiling at him "Kierha are you feeling alright?" harry said putting his hand on my forehead and i smiled "im fine" and he slowly took his hand off my forehead "Harry you make me so happy and i have great memories with you already but" he looked down "were such great friends and are friend ship is deep" i looked at Zayn who was awkward and didn't know what to say i could tell by the look on his face and he was so cute "Zayn you make me happy and we also have memories and i love you" he looked up and me fast "i love you to" he said smiling and harry stood up and so did i "Harry your gonna meet a girl and shes going to laugh and love you so much, but we, we were not meant to be but you know what someone out there was meant for you and you will find her search long and hard until you find your mountain cause once you have her you will know i cant be who you want me to be im a canoe and canoes are not your love of your life there you friend may be even your best-friend, im always going to be here for you harry through thick and thin i will be 100% honest and i guarantee to you, you can count on me" i said smiling at him and he smiled back at me then hugged me and i hugged him back.

*Three years later*
"you may now kiss the bride" this is the best day of my life and i get to spend it with my best-friend

"I now pronounce you mister and misses Styles" i guess right now you guys are thinking what?!?!.............. but i guess its called young love, cause today i followed my heart, i followed my head before and after a year me and zayn broke things of because he meet someone and i guess i always had someone, always follow your heart i guess sometime's you don't actually understand what it is you want until you actually don't have it, then you get it and yes i married a canoe but i love him to death to us part right?


                                                            The End.

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