My Heart Or My Head?

This Is a romance Fan Fic of Harry and Zayn both falling in love with the same girl when kierha is to pick who will she choose her heart or her head?


16. Finale part one: (me or me?)

"you can tell me anything dear im a therapist its what i do everything you say here is safe" i looked at her "im sorry i cant thank you for your time how much do i owe you?" "but the session is not done yet dear" "well im done talking so" she looked at me worried "okay." she said pulling out a paper and righting something on it "this session is free if you promise to come back once more..?" i looked at her "umm" "before you answer let me show you something" she said getting up and walking over to a picture then smiling at it and bringing it over to me "here" she said handing me a picture of a mountain "nice, did you take this" "no i didn't  she said smiling at me "all righty then i think my time here is over so how much" "the picture represents happiness, memories, and most of all love." she said looking at me "you know, all i see is a mountain im sorry" i said looking at her confused "of coarse that's what you see cause that's your perspective" i was still very confused "but when i look at it i see something different" "im sorry what does this have to do with my problem?" "well think of it this way" she said walking back over to her table then back and handing me another picture "i still don't understand what does a canoe have to do with my problem now?" "think of your problem as two different pictures or two different views for me this mountain brings me happiness, memories and love, but the picture of the canoe also brings me happiness and memories but not love the canoe makes me think friendship loyalty much deeper into friendship and responsibilitie then the other the other makes me feel more free and happy and" "kind of like love?" i said interrupting her "exactly, so who is your mountain and who is your canoe" i laughed then smiled at her then got up and walked to the door "thank you so much" i said opening the door "umm kierha" she said back to me i looked back at her "hows about tomorrow say three o'clock?" i smiled at her "sounds good" i said walking out the door.

"KIERHA WHERE IN HEAVENS HAVE YOU BEEN!!" Nicole said screaming at me "sorry i had to get away" "well that's just great because we had dinner plans about an hour ago with the boys" she said putting her hands on her hips "im sorry i forgot" "you forgot well your gonna have to tell that to Louis who has been by the way calling me non stop , who gave him my number seriously" i laughed "guilty" i said sitting down on my bed and taking my pursue of from around my shoulder "i hate chu" she said laughing then walking in the bathroom then like ten seconds later walking out then looking at me "what?" i said confused "what happened with zayn and harry earlier?" i just rolled my eyes "can we please not talk about them" "sorry i brought it up" she said walking back into the bathroom "that's fine" i said looking up at the ceiling and thinking

*RING RING* "hello?" i said answering the phone "meet me at josey's Grill mania in five" *beep* i looked at my phone to see who it was -private caller- weird i wonder who that was..?

I walked in to josey's then looked around and it was packed there were people every where how do i know who im looking for... i thought to soon ughh right in front of me stood harry and Zayn "Im, i mean were sorry" harry said looking at me "and we want to make it up to you join us.. please?" Zayn said looking at me "fine" i said and then the lead me over to there table i was actually really hunger i never ate at all today.

"this is kind of awkward" i said looking away "kierha we leave soon" harry said touching my hand and i pulled it back "i know" i said crossing my arms "and.." zayn said looking into my eyes "and we need to know there isn't any pressure well until you know we have to leave but.." harry said looking at me "but we want to know soon so who is kierha, me" "or me?"

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