My Heart Or My Head?

This Is a romance Fan Fic of Harry and Zayn both falling in love with the same girl when kierha is to pick who will she choose her heart or her head?


11. Beautiful

When me and Nicole got to the swimming pool i took off my rode showing off my super tight two piece harry and Zayn both stopped in there tracks as they walked through the door with there mouths dropped "kierha" Nicole said laughing and whispering "yeah" i said looking at her worried "look at there face" she said laughing really loud this time and slapped her "NICOLE!"i said laughing harry and Zayn just looked embarrassed and harry was the first to get courage "you look.." Zayn cut him off taking my hand and walking away with me "Beautiful" Zayn said smiling at me "thank you" i said blushing "don't thank me just know it babe" he said sitting down on a chair and pulling me onto his lap and i laughed as i hit his body hard and are faces were now just 2 inches apart "make him jealous and kiss me right now" Zayn said smiling i backed up and stood up "its not a competition" i said walking over to Louis, Louis is so nice and so cute he's so much fun to just talk to i walked up to him and crossed my arms he could tell something was wrong "what is babe?" he asked me "nothing" i said quietly "tell me or else" i looked at him and raise an eye brow "or else?" "yeah or else!" he said smirking and crossing his arms "or else what!" i laughed "i throw you in" he laughed "uggh lou your so mean to me!" i laughed and pushed him "gurl you did not just push me" he said snapping hi fingers and picking me up over his shoulder and harry laughed "HARRY HELP ME" Louis said laying me on the ground and taking my feet i tried to squirm away but he had a good grip on me "NO PLEASE PLEASE DON'T GUYS" harry grabbed my arms and they started swinging me back and forth i closed my eyes scared as harry looked at Louis "No Louis she's scared" as he stopped and layed me down i still had my eyes closed but i felt someone crawl on top of me as i opened my eyes there was Harry crushing his hair back and looking in my eyes "its okay" he said touching my face "thank you" i said awkwardly as he looked in my eyes i saw Zayn walk out the door as it closed behind him.. "why were you so scared?" harry asked me still on top of me "i-i uh"i looked away as i felt his lips behind my ear "tell me." as he kissed my neck and backed up and looked back into my eyes lips just 3 inches away "i-i can't swim" he kissed my lips as i finished my sentence and  lifted me up bridal style and walked to the stairs of the pool and started walking into the water "Harry no." i said scared "don't worry ill be here for you at all times hold onto me the hole time okay?" he said put me down as i went under water and i felt him pull me up and held my back my body against his and he smiled at me and i smiled back at him. 

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