My Heart Or My Head?

This Is a romance Fan Fic of Harry and Zayn both falling in love with the same girl when kierha is to pick who will she choose her heart or her head?


3. Amanda's Crazy.

"KIERHA WAKE THE HELL UP YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHO I JUST SAW!!!!" "ugghh Amanda" "KIERHA SERIOUSLY WAKE UP!" "ONE DIRECTION AMANDA YOU SAW ONE DIRECTION NOW SHUT UP IM TRYING TO SLEEP!" "wait woa woa woa how did you just know that?" "because yesterday when i went swimming with all you guys decided you were to go for doing i meet Harry, Zayn and Niall" "OMG you met Niall i am so jealous!" "why he's just a guy??" "you did not just say Niall Horan is just a guy!" "Yes crazy pants i did" i said getting out of bed now and putting my hair up. "Nicole where's my sunglasses?" i asked Nicole she turned and laughed "Harry Styles took them!" "what?" "yeah he knocked at are door looking for you and saw you were sleeping so he asked us if it would be funny if he took something of your and Amanda gave him your sunglasses" "Of coarse she did" i said giving Amanda an evil look "hehe" Amanda said running out the door "I literally hate her" i said laughing and looking at Nicole and she laughed back "well do you know where he could be?" "yeah i saw him like five minutes ago go into the room right next to are's" "really that's so weird" i said putting my runners on and putting a sweater on and a bit of make-up and then leggings "Getting dressed up for harry are we??" Nicole said winking at me "well i think i should look better then what i do when i wake up" i say laughing then walking out the door and over to harry's room and paused then knocked once.. then twice then i heard a different voice "hello?" "umm hi i was wondering if Harry could give me my sunglasses back?" then i heard five boys laughing and then harry peek out the door and i looked at him with my hands on my hips "so can i?" i asked him and he just smirked at me "want to come in?" "i don't know ill probably have to go find my sister she ran off somewhere" "i know she's with us" "really?" "come see for your self" he said taking the chain of the door and letting me in "HEY KIERHA LOVE" i heard Niall scream "aha I Niall" "Hi Kierha" Zayn said giving me a hug i think i hugged him a little harder then normal but he sent chills down my spine i backed up and looked at him "hi Zayn" Then two other boys came up to me and gave me hugs individually "Im Liam" "hi im Kierha".. "Im Louis" "Hi im Kierha" then i  looked around him and saw Amanda sitting on the bed and i just shook my head "Kierha's gonna beat me up if she gets near me Niall" she said jumping into Nialls arms i laughed "Wow Amanda your sad, any ways we have to go" i turned to harry "sunglasses?" "yes but first i want to talk to you maybe in the hall way?" "Im sorry Harry but my friends kind of by her self right now an im pretty sure that shes gonna hate me if i take to long so.. Amanda lets go!" she turned to Niall "Can you come" "yeah sure babe im doing anything else he said getting up and looking at me for like approval "I guess just hurry lets go" Zayn took my hand "Could i come with you to?" "umm yeah sure if you want to?" "I do" he said smiling at me and i smiled back then harry and louis and Liam all looked at each other then looked at me with puppy dog eyes "YES you can all go please though lets hurry now" i said walking out of the door.

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