Liam's little sister

Liam's finally introduces the rest of the boys to Kat, his 17 year old siser. Kat is a famous dancer in the UK, and travels a lot. This year, she's focusing on more school and family and friends, so she spends a lot time with the boys. Will Kat fall in love? Will this year change? Read and find out.


3. The kiss

Zayn's POV:  Your kidding me. Kiss Kat, or upload the picture? I don't know... I looked at Kat. She nodded and blushed a bit. "We're waiting" Niall smirked Kat and I leaned forward... so close... so close till our foreheads touched Kat's POV: We had to kiss... we leaned forward... only centimeters away. I could already feel his hot minty breath. I think... I like Zayn... not because of the kiss and all...  "Minimum 10 seconds guys" I heard Liam say Before I knew it... my hands were around his neck, and his hands were around his neck... kissing. 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...  We didn't pull away. We were still kissing.  "Whoooooo!" they cheered We stopped and pulled away, with our hands still there. He was staring into my eyes... and so was I. Those rich, hazel eyes. Made me melt. "Wellllll. Looks like the boys, Dani, and I just got a better picture" Louis said. They all had pictures... in a perfect angle which it was clear, we were kissing. "Shit..." Zayn and I mumbled "We're ALL posting this" Dani said "NO...!"" we said "It's fine... just, for the next few weeks in interveiws, the main question will be 'Are you two dating?'" Harry said, cracking up "Don't worry... we'll tweet saying it's a friendly thing" Louis said "Doesn't make it any better" I told him "But Zayn's going to get so many hate..." I said "Fine, we won't tweet it yet. So... wanna crash the mall, aye?" Niall asked.  "Hmm. Sure." We all agreed We went to the mall, and splited up with me and Dani, and they guys. Dani and I went off to buy clothes "Kat" Dani said "Hm?" I asked "I know you like Zay-" She said I cut her off "Shhhhh!!!"  "So you do!"  "We only met... but if feels  like... I've known him for a long time" "We'll just put it aside for now... legoooo buyyyy!" "CREDIT CARD POWERRRRRR!" I yelled Zayn's POV: "Look mate. I know you like Kat-" Liam began "Umm.... yes.. i-" I said "AHA!" Harry and Louis said, pointing at me "We all knew" Niall said, stuffing food in him mouth "i-I might a-ask her o-ou-out......." I tried to say "You're a good lad, I trust you with her" Liam patted my back Liam's POV: I trust Zayn with Kat. Not sure if Kat and Daniel are still a couple... I think those two broke up.... "Why don't you buy her something?" Louis suggested "Hmm. Good idea. Liam, any idea?" Zayn asked "I know she likes sapphires and diamonds... she doesn't really have a favorite bracelet... " I told him "So maybe like a blue-ish bracelet" Zayn said Zayn's POV: I decided to buy Kat a diamond bracelet, with a sapphire in the middle. It was beautiful. I'm going to ask her out.... on a date... Kat's POV: Danielle and I went on an EPIC shopping spree, and went up ton meet the boys at a cafe.

"Hey... Kat" Zan said. That was the first thing he said after we kissed... "Uh, yeah?" I asked "Will you go out with me? To a movie and dinner?" He asked as I sat down. He was holding out a diamond bracelet with a sapphire, and he kissed me on the cheek.

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