Liam's little sister

Liam's finally introduces the rest of the boys to Kat, his 17 year old siser. Kat is a famous dancer in the UK, and travels a lot. This year, she's focusing on more school and family and friends, so she spends a lot time with the boys. Will Kat fall in love? Will this year change? Read and find out.


8. Party to cheer

Harry's POV: We were sitting in the living room, watching TV and fooling around. You can say we've done a good job making Kat happy again.  "You guys wanna have a party?" I suggested "Tonight" Louis added "Sure" Kat smiled "But we're inviting Liam and Zayn too" Niall said "No problem" kat giggled. "Celebrities and friends" Louis said "So, Justin and Selena!" Niall said  "Okay hot shot" louis joked "Any celebrity crushes?" I asked Kat "Erm... how about Alexander Ludwig? " She said with a cheeky smile "So you're into Canadians, eh?" Louis said "Puh-lease. I like Brits,too." She chuckled "Okay, I'll invite him" Harry smiled ~5 hours later 6:00 PM~ Kat's POV: We were getting ready for the party, which started at 7:30. An hour ago, we were shopping and I bought a party dress from Hollister. It was a white strapless dress with a black ribbon around the waist. I bought some black heels to match it. I put on some eye shadow, and white diamond earrings and did my hair. I also did my nails neon pink "Wow. You look great" Harry said, taking a step back, looking at me head to toe "Thanks" i smiled, kissing his cheek. I've known these guys only a few days, and they're my best friends. I love these guys, I guess they feel the same way. "Looking fine" Louis said. "Thanks" i kissed him on the cheek, too "You look beautiful" Niall said, kissing my cheek "Thanks guys" I smiled "You guys look amazing"  They looked kind of similiar, but they did look good. Louis was wearing a white polo shirts, and black jeans, Niall wore a black polo shirt and gray jeans, and Niall wore a gray shirt and white jeans.  People started to arrive, many celebrities, Zayn and Liam did too, and I greeted them with hugs.  "Are you okay?" They asked "I'm fine, they boys helped me through it" I said, kissing Liam's cheek and Zayn's lips lightly. We weren't really boyfriend and girlfriend, and Zayn knows, I guess. "Kat, I want you to meet someone" louis said "Kat, this is Eleanor, my girlfriend, Eleanor, this is Kat, my best friend"  "Nice to meet you, Kat" Eleanor said, shaking my hand. Wow, she was pretty! "Nice to meet you, too. You look gorgoues" i said "Thanks, you too"  Eleanor and I started to talk for a while, and then I saw Justin and Selena come up to me. "Hey Justin." I said, giving him a hug. "Hey Kat" He hugged me back. We've met before, and he was a good friend. "Hey Selena" i smiled, and hugged her "You look beautiful tonight, Kat" She said. Selena was  my role model, and I met her the night I met Justin I went to hang with Zayn and Liam, then I went to get some food, and a drink, and I was sitting down alone "Hey, what's your name?" I heard a voice behind me. I turned around to see Alex Ludwig! "h-Hi. I'm Kat" i said "What's a beautiful girl doing here?" Alex said, kissing the top of my hand "Just eating" i chuckled. I was fan girling in my head! He was my celebrity crush! "Well, let a pretty boy join you" He said, sitting next to me We started talking, and laughing, and we were having a really good time Zayn's POV:   The party was awesome, and Kat was happy. I was chilling with Kat and the boys, then Kat went to the kitchen to get some food. I went in to get a drink, hoping Kat would notice me. But she didn't. She was sitting with Alex Ludwig, the Canadian actor. They seem to have a good time, laughing, talking, they made me a little jealous. We've been on 1 date, and now Kat is with Alex. "Guys, guys! Spin the bottle! Only single people!" Harry called out Kat's POV:  "Hey, wanna go play?" Alex asked "Sure!" I smiled and went  People who played sat in a circle on the floor, and couples like Liam an Dani, Louis and El, and Justin and Selena moved mini couches or chairs and sat behind us.  "Okay, we call judge" El said, meaning the couples "Rules, it doesn't count if it's girl and girl, or boy and boy, both people have to real kiss. Oh, and we get to choose how long" Justin said, and everybody nodded The people who were playing, Harry, Zayn, Niall, Alex, Taylor Lautner, Cher Lloyd, Demi Lavato, Victoria Justice, Elizebeth Gilles, and me. "Okay, I'll go first" harry said


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