Liam's little sister

Liam's finally introduces the rest of the boys to Kat, his 17 year old siser. Kat is a famous dancer in the UK, and travels a lot. This year, she's focusing on more school and family and friends, so she spends a lot time with the boys. Will Kat fall in love? Will this year change? Read and find out.


5. On the date

Kat's POV: We arrived at a fancy restaurant, and Zayn guided me to a private room. It was a small, single round table, with a square white cloth. There was no light, except for a candle in the middle of the table. Also, in the middle, was a a small, glass vase with a single red rose. "Oh my god..." I gasped and put my hands on my mouth. I was shocked... it was so... beautiful. "You did it all for me?" I asked "Yes, for the most beautiful girl" "Awww" I said pecking his lips He pulled out the chair for me, and I sat in it. A waiter came in, and served us a very fancy dinner... probably very expensive I guess... "This was really good" I said, wiping my mouth with a napkin "For, you my love" He took out the rose, and handed me the rose "I love you too" I smiled Zayn paid for the dinner, but I don't how much it cost. He didn't let me see it, cause I wanted to pay instead. After dinner, he took me to a movie theater. "How may I help you?" A man who worked there ask as we approached "Two reserved tickets" Zayn told him, as he slung his arm on my shoulder "Name?" He asked "Malik" "Here you go, room 12. Enjoy your movie sir. Have a good night" He said, flashing a smile "You too" "What's the movie?" I asked, as we went to get some popcorn and slushie  "Secret love" He said, kissing my forehead During the movie, we fed each other popcorn, and shared one soda. The movie was great, it was about a girl in High School, who was popular, not because she was a cheerleader or anything, just cause she was beautiful, and the star quarterback of the football team falls in love with her. I looked over at Zayn, who was surprisingly, staring straight into my eyes "Yes" I giggled "Just staring at a beautiful girl" Zayn's POV: We were watching the movie, sharing popcorn, and a drink, then I saw Kat... and WOW! Was she beautiful or what!? "Yes" she said, giggling when she saw me stare at her "Just staring at a beautiful girl" I replied Her hair was in a ponytail, and a strand was loose, so I leaned in and  put it behind her ear. When i looked back at her, we were only millimeters away, and we both leaned in some more, and kissed. It was like a single kiss, but like, a passionate kiss. We were kissing for a minimum 25 seconds, when I decided to be more... romantic. I softly bit her lip, and she knew exactly what I want. We only just met, but I love this girl. She wasn't like any other girl. She opened her mouth, and I went for a french kiss. She pulled away, jerking her head "Are you okay, Kat?" I asked her  "I'm.... fine..." she said looking down "Is this a little to fast...?" I asked. We just met... and I'm already snogging on his girl... "Nonono... it's not your fault.." She said, still with her head down "it's just... I recently broke up with my boyfriend... I've been with for 2 years... he was my best friend..." she said sniffing "It's okay, baby. I'll always love you" I said, putting her head against my chest and hugged her "It's fine... Zayn" She said, kissing me once more "I still have you" She said, smiling again  

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