Liam's little sister

Liam's finally introduces the rest of the boys to Kat, his 17 year old siser. Kat is a famous dancer in the UK, and travels a lot. This year, she's focusing on more school and family and friends, so she spends a lot time with the boys. Will Kat fall in love? Will this year change? Read and find out.


6. Flashback

Kat's POV: After the movie, Zayn drove me home and I kissed him good night. I went to take a shower, and went to sleep. Tonight was... the best first date ever. I tried to forget about Daniel. He was my best friend since kindergarden ~Flashback~ It was the first day of Kindergarden, and my teacher, Ms. Monroe,( who was Liam's teacher, so I knew her ) plopped me down next to a British boy with light, brown hair and deep blue eyes "Hi! I'm Kat!" I told him "Hi Kat! Hi I'm Daniel" He said "I'm going to call you Danny!" i squeked ~At recess~ "Kat, do you want half my cookie?" He asked, sitting next to me  "Okay!" I told him giving him a juice box too "We're going to the bestest friends ever!" he said, giving me a big hug  ~Flashback over~ I fell asleep, thinking about what Daniel had done to me. ~In the morning~ I woke up and heard the door bell. It was 7:30, and I was very tired. I quickly tossed on a top and kept on my short-shorts on. I got a feeling Liam was still asleep, so I went to get it. "DANNY!?" I half screamed "Hey, babes" He said "OH MY GOD!" I said jumping on him, and he caught me and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He held me with his hands under my thigh "I missed you so I much!" I screamed again. I was still sad about the break up, but he was my best friend, and I loved him so much "I missed you too Kat!" he said, pressing our heads together "I uh.. missed you too" i managed to say. It wasn't cause I didn't miss him, it's cause I knew  what would happen next "Kat... please, please.... can we get back together" He said, closing his eyes with our foreheads still touching "I'm sorry Daniel... I-.... just can't" I said, closing my eyes shedding a tear "What I did to you was stupid... I missed you. These 7 months I went to Australia... I couldn't have a good time. I couldn't stop thinking about you" He said. I heard his British accent crack. Daniel went to a trip to Australia for a family vacation for 7 months with his parents and sister. He went after we broke up. "Danny... I missed you too... a lot. Your my best friend no matter what...But I just can't-" i said, then I got cut off "Ahem"  i heard Liam fake cough behind us "He-hey Liam" Daniel said, acting casual choking back his tears. Liam and Daniel were very good friends, when we were dating, Liam was very happy with us. But after, Liam was pretty harsh "Put. Her. Down."Liam demanded Daniel quickly put me down "S-Sorry Liam..." "Don't think what you did to Kat is still okay. Your lucky you're still Kat's friend, or what will happen next, isn't a mistake. You've been warned, Daniel Evans. You've been warned" Liam threathened  "Im s-sorry..." He studdered, leaving "Why, Kat? Why him?" Liam asked "I'm sorry.." was all I could say "It's okay.... I should be sorry..." he said, hugging me and putting my head against his chest "It's just...I don't want you hurt again. What that bastard did was not okay. Your my sister, and it's my job to be mom and dad when they're gone."  "Liam... Don't worry... I'm going to be okay." I told him "Okay... go get some rest, okay?" He said, kissing my cheek I went back to sleep, and I had a terrible dream. It was exactly flashback that day of the break up ~Flashback~ "It's so nice for once to have Daniel's girlfriend over for dinner and  happens so this girl has manners, a nice attitude, and doesn't wear see through tank tops." Daniel's mom said, with a smile "thank you, Ms. Evans. It's an honor to join you guys" I said back "Please! Please! Just call me Nick, and Ms. Evans, Lily" Mr. Evans said "Mom! Dad! You're embarrasing me!" Daniel shouted/whispered "daniel! Don't be so mean, I've known them the day I met you" i said giving him a kiss on the cheek "Well, umm.. Lily, do you need help with the dishes?" I asked as everyone finished up "Delightful! You are such a wonderful girl! I'm  so happy daniel found a perfect girl!" Lily said, with a wide smile "Sorry babes, I gotta go. Bye mom, Bye dad" Daniel said, as he saw a the he got.He kissed me and lefted I helped Lily with the dishes,then lefted "Byee Kat!" she said, giving me hug "Byee! See you soon!" i told her I went to open the door, but it opened from the other side "Oh!" a girl gasped. It was Izzy, Daniel's sister "Hey Izzy!" i said hugging her "Oh my god! Hey Kat!" he aid, hugging back. She was a year younger than me, and she was a good friend after we said our hellos, I walked home. It wasn't really a long walk, so I went for it. Then. I saw something. i gasped loudly cause I couldn't believe it. Daniel... was kissing another girl "Babe!" He ran after me "Babe!?" The girl shreiked "What babe?! I dunnno. NOT ME" I yelled, running away crying I ran as far as I could, and saw Liam "kat?" "L-li-Liam" I sobbed on his chest "What's wrong.... Liam's here" He said, holding me against his chest "Now, Kat... tell Liam what's wrong" he lifted my chin with his index finger "i-I saw Da-Danny k-ki-kising an-another g-girl" I croked "WHAT!?" he yelled "Kat!" I saw Daniel run up to us. Instead of running away, I grasped onto Liam "YOU BASTARD!" liam yelled and punched him "WHAT THE FUCK? IS KAT NOT GOOD ENOUGH? WHY. HUH.  NEVER. EVER. TREAT. KAT. THIS. WAY. UNDERSTAND ME YOU BITCH!" liam yelled again I stood there... collapsing onto the ground, crying ~Flashback over~ I woke up, again, and it was 8:30. I brushed my teeth, and went to shower and put on a nice top and denmin shorts. "Hey babes" Liam greeted me when i got down stairs and he side hugged me "Hey Liam" i kissed him on the cheek "I made some breakfast" he told me "Did you eat yet?" i asked him "Was waiting for you, sunshine" He smiled. I wen to the kitchen, to see pancakes, bacon. strawberries, and juice. "This is amazing" i giggled " Thankssss. Now give your favorite boy some sugar" He said, as I kissed both his cheeks . I loved Liam so much. Most sister and brother siblings fight all the time, but me and Liam? NO. Liam was like my second mom and dad. Mom and dad loves me, too, but sometimes they're too busy and Liam watches me. Every problem I have, Liam fixes it. I finished breakfast, and got a text from Zayn "hey babes. misses you, wanna crash the beach later? I'll pick you up in love you" After reading it, I couldn't help but smile and coo "Awhhh" "Text from Zayn?" He asked "Yep" I said, still smiling "Wow, you guys are really hitting it off" "Well... I couldn't say he's my boyfriend... he never asked me to be his girlfriend." "Soon, Kitty Kat, soon" He said, kissing my cheek "He'll be coming in 25 minutes. Gotta get ready!" I said, running upstairs to change Liam's POV: Kat is really happy. It's only been a couple days and another boy made her this happy. Not to brag, but her number 1 is me. I know everything about her, and I love her. I'm really protectiv of her, she's like my pride and glory. I usually go crazy and maniac every time I see her cry...  20 minutes have passed and I was watching TV. Kat came down, with her hair half way straight, and bottom half curled, she was wearing a nice stripe beach top, and shorts. She must be wearing a bikini underneath. She had a beach purse/bag on her shoulders "I like your hair" i beathed out "Thanks" she said, kissing my cheek "I'm going to go outside to wait. I'll call you when I get home. love you" "Love you too" i called Kat's POV: I got ready, and went to wait outside for Zayn. He should arrive in about 5 minutes. I was smiling a bit, but it faded... when I saw Daniel, waiting on the same sidewalk with his hair geled and holding flowers

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