Liam's little sister

Liam's finally introduces the rest of the boys to Kat, his 17 year old siser. Kat is a famous dancer in the UK, and travels a lot. This year, she's focusing on more school and family and friends, so she spends a lot time with the boys. Will Kat fall in love? Will this year change? Read and find out.


4. Date? Or just friends??

Kat's POV: Did Zayn... just... ask... me...out? I can't believe it...! Zayn's POV: Okay... I just asked her out... without freaking out. I hope she says yes... the bracelet costed around 3000$, but that wasn't the problem.  "I would love too" She said, smiling I held her wrist out, and put the bracelet on her. "While you guys on on your DATE, we'll be sitting somewhere else" Louis smirked Kat and I sat on a two person table, where I sat next to her, while the boys and Dani sat somewhere else, probably trying to spy, Kat and I had a good time. We had many laughs, chatted, and I got to know her more. "Hey, Zayn, did you just see a flash?" She asked. I actually did... "Yeah, you saw it too?" "Maybe a papparazzi" "Zayn... aren't you afraid to get hate after this?" she asked "It hurts... but... it won't stop me from being with the girl I love" I responded, holding her hand "awww. I love you too" she said, as I kissed her head. We only dated for 30 minutes, and I love her... Kat's POV: I'm really in love with this guy... I can't help it. Zayn pulled out his phone, and went to twitter "You have a twitter, Kat?" He asked "Yeah, my twitter is @KatxPayne" "Okay, gunna follow this beautiful girl..." he said "Let's get a picture" "Our first picture together" I said sweetly, kissing his cheek "Our date is tonight, k?" He asked  "K" I smiled "I already count you as my girlfriend" I smiled "Well, boyfriend" I giggled I felt my phone vibrate, and got 5 notifications from twitter. Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam followed me, and Zayn tweeted something and mentioned my name "surprise everyone! Me and my lovely girlfriend @KatxPayne at a cafe :)x Follow her! She's Liam's sister and famous dancer in the UK *Picture of me and Zayn*" "Awww" I cooed Then, I got another notification from Liam, who tweeted the picture of us kissing. "coupleeees! -Liam, Danielle,Harry, Louis, and Niall *Picture*" "Close your phone" Zayn told me, as he closed his "Why?" I asked, doing it anyways "Once directioners see it, they're ALL gunna follow you, and tweet to you. To many notifications" he told me Liam's POV:  Kat and Zayn are so cute... I saw Zayn take out his phone to tweet something, so we did too. Dani and I already follow Kat, so they rest of the boys did, too. I tweeted the picture, and they told me too put there names in. Kat's POV: After, we all went back to Liam and my house, and I went to get ready for my date. ~At Zayn and Kat's date~ Kat's POV: Zayn and I are on our way to dinner, then we're going to a movie, while the boys and Dani are at Liam and my house. During these couple hours, a didn't check my twitter. "Ohmigosh" I said "Hm?" Zayn said, keeping his eyes on the road, putting his left hand on my thigh. He was wearing a long sleeve white polo shirt, jeans, and his hair geled messy. It was kinda cute. "My followers on twitter went from 400k, to 900k" I said "Not surpirsing" he giggled.  "Awww. Boo-wie" I said, looking at the tweets people sent me "What is it?" He asked concern, looking at me, then looking back, keeping his hand there "People are tweeting me nice tweets...saying we're cute together... but... people are sending me death threats..." "It's okay, baby" he said, putting his hand around my head and kissed it I tried to forget those tweets, and enjoyed my night

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