Liam's little sister

Liam's finally introduces the rest of the boys to Kat, his 17 year old siser. Kat is a famous dancer in the UK, and travels a lot. This year, she's focusing on more school and family and friends, so she spends a lot time with the boys. Will Kat fall in love? Will this year change? Read and find out.


7. Daniel or Zayn

Kat's POV: I saw Daniel, with hair geled and holding flowers "Kat" he approached me "I love you"  "i-I love you too. But not in that kind of way" i said, not looking into his eyes "Kat... come on." He turned my head to face him "Look me in the eyes and say you don't love me. I can't, and I don't think you can either"  I didn't want to look into his eyes. His blue eyes made me melt. I just couldn't. Before I knew it, Daniel had his arms around my waist leaning in. "I want this badly... please Kat.... please" "I can't Daniel... I can't accept what happened. It was not an accident!" I screamed. My eyes were watering, not just watering, crying "Cmon..." He leaned in some more and tried to kiss me. "I'm sor-" He cut me off kissing me. He was rotating his perfect lips on mine, but I didn't. All I could do was stand there, with tears slipping down Zayn's POV: I was going to pick Kat up to the beach. I've asked her on 2 dates now, but I can't take it seriously and ask her to my girlfriend. I don't know...  I was wearing a polo shirt and jeans, but I packed a swimming trunk and some other beach stuff. When I arrived, I found a perfect parking spot, but then... I saw a boy kissing Kat, and Kat was wasn't kissing him, just crying. What the fuck!? What is wrong with the boy. I should be mad at Kat, but I'm not. How could she let the boy kiss her like that? Flame started anger me and I ran out the car, running towards, knowing I'm going to do something. Something I'll regret later, but not now. Kat's POV: I couldn't pull back. I could... but I didn't. I didn't kiss back, but i knew Daniel wanted me too. My vision was still clear, but I was still crying. Just then, I saw Zayn behind Daniel, pulling him back, doing something that made me want to run. Zayn pulled Daniel's shoulder back away from me, and punched. He punched him. Daniel collapsed onto the ground trying to get away from him. "WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU DOING!?" Zayn yelled "KISSING KAT" Daniel screamed into his face "SHE'S NOT YOURS" Zayn shouted back, about to punch her again "THERE'S NOTHING WRONG TRYING TO GET BACK WITH YOUR EX" Daniel screamed. That made Zayn stop from punching him, and stare. "YEAH. YOU HEARD ME. MY EX" Daniel yelled "YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Zayn yelled.  Liam's POV: I saw something. Not everything, but something. Daniel kissed Kat, and I was in rage. Kat was crying. I told that bastard to stay away from her. I went to get my baseball bat, ready to smack him hard, then I heard yelling. Zayn and Daniel were fighting. For Kat? I ran downstairs to them. "YOU BASTARD I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM MY SISTER" i ran to him, about to swing "STOP." Kat shouted, slipping a tear. She was against a wall, on the floor. "NO. ONE. DO. ANYTHING. NO ONE FOLLOW ME"  She got up, and ran away "BABE" Daniel called after her "DON'T CHU BABE HER" Zayn shouted, pulling her back "No. Just leave her. Both of you" I told them Kat's POV: I ran away, as far as I could, and sat down on a bench. I decided to text Louis. Or Harry. Or Niall. Any of them. I don't care, I need them right now "louis... help me. text back. don't tell liam or zayn" "what's wrong love? niall harry and I will come right away xxx" "i'll tell you in the car. please pick me up. I need you guys. i'm at a park near our house" "we know where to go. be there in 5" That goodness. Louis Niall and Harry are coming Louis's POV: "We have to get there right away" harry said, after I read them the texts "Did she say why?" Niall asked  "No, but we have to go, now. Don't tell anybody. Grab your coats, and lets go" I said. I grabbed my car keys, and drove the boys and I to the park where she was. "Kat!" We chrorused "Louis! Niall! Harry!" She called, running up too us and hugged each of us "What's wrong? Tell us" I said to her "Let's get in the car first" Harry said "Now, tell us Kat" Niall said to her. I was driving, but I saw her slip a tear. Niall sat in the back with her, holding her. "I was s-suppose to g-go to the b-beach with z-Zayn" She started. I could hear her voice crack. I glanced over to Niall, which is telling him to hold her, with her head on his chest "t-Then m-my ex came..." her beautiful British accent began to crack more "And he... kissed me..." After her saying that, I looked at Harry, which made him look at Niall "Then... Zayn arrived... and he p-punched my ex and started fighting...." "Holy shit. Zayn did that?" Harry gasped. She nodded "th-Then... Liam came out... he h-had a bat with h-him and almost swung i-it on Daniel... my ex" She started to cry on Niall's chest We arrived at Harry and my house, and settled down "Uhh. Guys" harry said, looking at his phone "Hm?" I asked. Kat was still holding on Niall, on the couch "Liam and Zayn texted me... they're wondering where Kat is" "How about we freshin up, Kat?" Niall asked, guiding her to a bathroom. Kat probably had some spare clothes in her bag "What did it say??" I asked as Niall and Kat went.  "Okay, so the one from Liam 'harry, mate. please, do you know where Kat is, I need your help. if you do, she probably told you. if she doesn't want to go home yet, watch out for her. Don't let her get hurt. i love her to much' and the one from Zayn 'harry. i know you saw liam's text. watch out for kat, and tell her i love her. don't let her get hurt. if she wants to talk tell her to call me xxx'" "They must be so worried" i said, crossing my arms over my chest "Yeah..." harry agreed Kat and Niall came down. Niall changed into a tank top, and Kat was wearing a hollister dress, top half was navy blue and white striped, and bottom half was down to her knees and were navy blue. "Looks like sombody caught my style" I joked giving Kat a hug "You doing okay?" harry asked, hugging her after I did "Yeah, I'm fine" she answered. She was obviously not okay, she was sniffing, and her eyes were puffy.  "You want to stay over night? I suggested. They boys and I nodded "sure" she said, smiling. This was the first time she smiled since  

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