Liam's little sister

Liam's finally introduces the rest of the boys to Kat, his 17 year old siser. Kat is a famous dancer in the UK, and travels a lot. This year, she's focusing on more school and family and friends, so she spends a lot time with the boys. Will Kat fall in love? Will this year change? Read and find out.


2. Accident

Kat's POV: Zayn helped me reach for the measuring cup, and when I turned around, our lips touched. Our eyes were wide open, and it took us 5 seconds to realize this was happening.  "Uh-uh... s-sorry" was all I could say.  "I'm-I'm sorry..." he said  "Ohmigod" Dani said, looking at us  "it-It was an accident...." Zayn said, looking away. I could see his face was a little red, mine was too. I was blushing. "I'm uh... going back..." he said, walking out with his drink "I'll finish this..." i said, turning away as well Zayn's POV Oh my god.Oh my god. Oh my god. I just kissed Kat...  "He-hey" I said to the boys sitting on the  carpet floor with them "What took so long?" Niall asked "And why is your face red? They smack you?" Louis joked "I uh... um... never mind" I said. That was all I could manage to say "What is it? Tell us" Harry asked "I um... was uh helping Kat get something, cause she couldn't reach... and um... when she turned around... our lips touched accidently..."  "whaaatt?" Liam gasped and the rest of the boys started laughing "Don't get mad..." I said to Liam "I'm not" he chuckled "It's fine" We finished the movie, but the boys kept nudging me and repeated "kattt... katttt" to me. Am I really in love with her!? We just met... but she was sure beautiful. Kat's POV: "h-Hey guys... we f-finished the"  "We finished the cookies" Danielle chuckled "HMMM. SO SWEEEEET. LIKE KAT AND ZA-" Louis said loud enough for me and Zayn to heard "shuuut up..." Zayn said "Dani, you know what happened?"Liam smirked, and slung his arm over dani's shoulder "They were having SUGARRRR TIMEE!" She yelled "We w-weren't" I studd "Here's proof" Dani smirked showing a picture (on her phone) of us at an angle looking like we were kissing and enjoying it "wh-what the..." Zayn said, trying not to look at me "PUT IT ON TWITTER!" Niall yelled "NO!" Zayn and I yelled "Unless..." Louis said wisely looking at them. I think I know what it is. We all know "You two kiss. For real. In front of us" Harry said I hoped it was a joke. But I knew it wasn't


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