Liam's little sister

Liam's finally introduces the rest of the boys to Kat, his 17 year old siser. Kat is a famous dancer in the UK, and travels a lot. This year, she's focusing on more school and family and friends, so she spends a lot time with the boys. Will Kat fall in love? Will this year change? Read and find out.


1. Meeting One Direction

Kat's POV: Liam and his band mates are coming back from their tour, and he said he's introducing them to me. I never met them, I am always busy, or traveling. I'm Kat Payne, Liam's little sister. I am a professional and famous dancer here in the UK. In one of my competitions, Danielle, Liam's girlfriend happened to be my mentor, and after the competition, Liam introduced me to her. I was waiting in Nandos with Dani for the boys to come "Katttttt!" Liam yelled, running to our table "Hey Liammmm!" I yelled, hugging him wrapping my legs around him "Looks like Daddy Direction is happy" I heard Louis tease "That's.... surprising..." Harry said, pointing to me and Dani "I was her mentor in a competition, and we met" Dani told him Liam introduced me to the boys. We ordered food and chatted. They were so funny! The table filled with laughter and giggles. I clicked with Zayn and Louis, but still got along with all of them. "This is natural hair color?" Zayn giggled, holding a strand of my hair stroking it a bit "Yes, clearly. Clearly a British girl is born with velvet red hair" I said sarcastically and laughed "Mhm. Yeeeeep." Louis said laughing "After, want to go me and Kat's house? You guys can stay over if you want." Liam told them "YOUR house?" Niall asked "Yeah, Liam and I bought a house with our money. It costed a lot" I said like no big deal "How much exactly" Louis asked "Enough for one large living room, basement, kitchen, 5 bathrooms, 2 master bedrooms, 7 extra rooms, big party space, backyard with swimming pool, empty space for BBQ, and basketball court" Dani told them.  "That's big" they gasped ~At Liam and my house~ "This is beautiful.... "Harry said "ooops sorry" Zayn said, accidently knocking over a box "It's fine, what dropped?"  "Hmm. 'Kat's home videos'" Louis read "Oh. Those are videos I video tapped of Kat performing and special moments" Liam told them "Lets watch them!" They all agreed There was A LOT of them, and they all enjoyed them. The ones that caught their eyes most were my dancing competitions.  "What's this?" Niall asked as the video played waves at a beach "Ohhhhh, thiiisssss. I remember thissss" Liam and I said  "What is it?" Dani asked "When I was 15, Kat was 13, we made a music video of an original song we wrote together" Liam told them "Wow. Kat your voice is amazing!" Louis complimented me "Thanks" I smiled "Awwww look at this!" Niall said, picking up 2 framed pictures on the table. The pictures were the same, Liam picking me up bride style on the beach. But on one of them said my name, Kat, on the top, and a caption says "Brother and best friend Liam" and on the other one had Liam's name and caption "Sister and best friend Kat" "That's so cuteeee!" Harry said "Hah-ha." I said sarcastically "I'm going to make cookies, any suggestions?" I asked "CHOCOLATE CHIP!" they all said "I'm coming too" Dani said, giggling Zayn's POV: The boys and I decided to watch some movies, while Dani and Kat went to bake cookies. Kat was so... beautiful. I'm not like in love... was I? I think about that later "Hey mate, I'm kinda thirsty." I said to Liam "Drinks are in the fridge in the kitchen" He told me I got up and went to the kitchen. They were on the counter making cookies.  "Hey" they smiled "Hey." I replied getting a drink I saw Dani trying to find ingredients in a cupboard, and saw Kat on the opposite side trying to reach for a measuring cup, so I went to help her. I leaned behind her, bodies touching, and reached for it. "Thanks" she said turning around "Your-" I was cut off. Just when she turned around, our lips accidently touched because our bodies were so close together.


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