The Summer I Changed

When Ellisia is told she is too fat, ugly, spotty, stupid and childish throught he school life and on the last day of year 11, she decides to use the summer to change herself in to the best person she possibly can, knowing that in September she will be done with that school and starting a fresh. She finds herself becoming happire and happier, but will the boy she has imagined ruin what could be the perfect summer?


1. The Last Day

Last day of school. Ever. Nervous? Heck no. Happy? Not too sure. Will I miss it? Parts yes, parts no. The bitches of St Harvey's I will definitely not. The gang of bitches they're called, they are like what you would expect to see in some stupid American film, they are so fake and skinny, but they are pretty, and all the guys just drool over them, ew.

Getting to school on the bus will be something I miss. My new sixth form is closer to my house, so I can ride a bike there. but there is something nice about a bus ride in the morning. You meet some facinating people. You can truly sit and people watch on a bus. In front of me is an old woman with about four shopping bags. She looks rather worn out, as though the small trip to the shops, even on a bus, has completely worn her out for the day. When the bus stops at mine and what looks like her stop, she stands slowly and with rather alot of effort, picks up her bags, which in a matter of seconds break. "Crap" I hear her mumble under her breath, as she rustily tries to bend down to reach them. "Let me," I say, and quickly jump up to pick up her items. "Thank you" she says, and hands me another sturdier bag to put all her shopping in. "You know, I could use help from someone just like you this summer, the weather really takes it out of me." She looks at me like a hawk, and I am scared to take me eyes off her. "Would you be intrested?"

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