The Summer I Changed

When Ellisia is told she is too fat, ugly, spotty, stupid and childish throught he school life and on the last day of year 11, she decides to use the summer to change herself in to the best person she possibly can, knowing that in September she will be done with that school and starting a fresh. She finds herself becoming happire and happier, but will the boy she has imagined ruin what could be the perfect summer?


4. The First Week

The first week off was busy. And extremely hot. It was the hottest summer England had seen so far, and it was plastered all over the newsof course. In my opinion, and Mrs Leighton's opinion, I had already slightly changed. I had a sudden dip in weight loss, I was sarting to get a slight tan from working in the garden, putting in roses for Mrs Leighton, and I started to use a special cream I got from the doctors on my spots, whcih was actually more like acne. On the Sunday, I went out to the gym with mt mother, and she helped me sign up and pay for the whole year. I had sat and explained to her how much it meant, and with very little persuasion she managed to cave in. "I want you to be happy" is the first thing she said. She also took me to the opticians and I got contact lenses instead of those gawky glasses I wore. I went and took my mum round to see Mrs Leighton, and as I made cups of lemonade and got out a small plate of biscuits and an apple for me, they told me I was brilliant, and the 'bitch gang' at school should see me by the end of the summer, that would truly show them. I could tell I was making my mother proud, as she sat in that kitchen. My mother was a skinny beautiful blonde, who was amazingly smart, and she was a single parent, which just make her more amazing. I was the opposite of course, I was rather fat, with a red spotty face, and glasses which were awful, and straggly dishwater blonde hair. But not for long, I was going to change. I promise myself that.

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