The Summer I Changed

When Ellisia is told she is too fat, ugly, spotty, stupid and childish throught he school life and on the last day of year 11, she decides to use the summer to change herself in to the best person she possibly can, knowing that in September she will be done with that school and starting a fresh. She finds herself becoming happire and happier, but will the boy she has imagined ruin what could be the perfect summer?


5. The Boy

On the next Sunday, even more had changed. Every day I had walked down to see Mrs Leighton instead of taking the bus, and I was eating more healthily than I had in my life. I had manged to lose a massive 10 pounds, which must be some sort of record in my opinion! I had also had my braces taken off, so my teeth were beautiful and straight! The summer was only two weeks in, and it couldnt be going more perfectly. But when I arrived in town after a long walk on the Saturday, I saw exactly who I didnt want to see. The bitch gang. I wanted to change for sure, into someone better and nicer, but not because they told me too, so I ran and hid in the old bookshop on the corner of the highstreet. It was and old vintage bookshop, one I had been in many times with my mum, and she had brought me old childrens books with wonderful artwork and stories. They wouldnt even come in here. I started to look around, thinking of a book called The Secret Garden, as Mrs Leighton had mentioned it once or twice. As I slowly started to walk, I heard a voice from behind me. "Can I help you at all?" It was a lovely voice, but it sounded almost patronizing and bored. When I turned around, I saw one of the most handsome boys I had ever seen. He had beautiful dark hair, which was curly, and floppy. His eyes were a shocking grey, and I imagined how perfectly they woulg match my green eyes. Crap, I had kept him standing there for about two minutes as I daydreamed about when sort of cake we would have at our wedding and what we would name our first child. But by the look on his face, he didn't seem to mind. "Umm yes you can, I am looking for a copy of the Secret Garden?" "Oh yeah, umm, there is one just there," and he slowly pulled one out for me. I looked at him more closely and gently took the book, when reality hit me like a falling brick. He wouldn't fancy you Elissia! What is wrong with you! With a sudden sting of tears in my eyes, I quickly paid for the book, and ran out of the shop, and all the way back home again, without stopping or having a heart attack.

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