The Summer I Changed

When Ellisia is told she is too fat, ugly, spotty, stupid and childish throught he school life and on the last day of year 11, she decides to use the summer to change herself in to the best person she possibly can, knowing that in September she will be done with that school and starting a fresh. She finds herself becoming happire and happier, but will the boy she has imagined ruin what could be the perfect summer?


2. Into and Out of Hell

After what seemed like an even longer walk to the school gates, the old woman was all that was on my mind. I had quickly accepted her offer when she told me that she would pay me to help her. I would have done it for free and for experience, but I wasn't going to mention that. As soon as i step through the gates, all hell brakes my thoughts, as children run wild, shoving past me "LAST DAY OF SCHOOL" they all shout happily. "Shut up, you know nothing" I find myself bitterly thinking. Over the last two weeks, the puny Year 7's have slowly got more and more on my nerves. But to think that they will soon be gone helps me massively. As my thought slowly patch up after being rudely inturupted, i somehow manage to bump into one of the members of the gang of bitches. Oh brilliant, now they are all lookig at me, just what I need. "What are you looking at fatty," one of them calls. "Oooo, fatty, never heard of that one before," I say, trying to stick up for myself but failing as much as I am math. "Hahaha, look how red she is going, her face is so spotty though, you can hardly see the blush. Ew, she is like a whale, she is such a child hahaha!" Trying to find my dignity, which seems to be stamped into the floor, I shove past them, and walk into the building and straight in to the toilets. I was fed up of being called fat and ugly and spotty and stupid and childish. I looked at myself. I was pretty ugly. And fat. And spotty. And I was almost failing everything. And I was a bit childish. Oops. My life was slowly turning crapper and crapper, and I had hardly noticed. But that was it. I was not letting this get to me anymore. This was my life. And summer is just round the corner. I am going to change my life forever.

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