The Summer I Changed

When Ellisia is told she is too fat, ugly, spotty, stupid and childish throught he school life and on the last day of year 11, she decides to use the summer to change herself in to the best person she possibly can, knowing that in September she will be done with that school and starting a fresh. She finds herself becoming happire and happier, but will the boy she has imagined ruin what could be the perfect summer?


3. Day 1

Right. I dont think I could have had a more perfect start. So as soon as I got up I weighed myself. 150 pounds. Crap. I decided to go on a jog. It was a pretty bad idea, I think I might have given myslef a small heart attack. But I went on a walk anyway, and I visited Mrs Leighton, the lady I know work for. She is a lovely lady, who is slighlty posh and uses words like "Darling", "Afternoon tea" and "Splendid." She is pushing 86 now, and has facinating stories which she told me as I made her sandwiches. She told me how she had met her husband, and it sounded like the most romantic thing ever. They were both exceedingly rich, and she was a woman who stood by womens rights, and managaed to get herself into the local university, which just so happened where her soon-to-be husband, Jack Leighton was aswell. "Oh he was a terribly handsome young man" she told me, "He was extremely smart, and was studying History as he wanted to be a teacher. The first time I saw him, he looked me right in the eyes, and gave a shy smile in my direction. It was, love at first sight." I never believed in love at first sight, in my opinion, it wasn't the way I imagined I would find love. "What about you darling?" she questioned after she had finished her long story, which was thrilling, and her lunch, which in my opinion was pretty awful, "Do you have a man?" I looked her, as if this was a joke. Me?! had she seen me? was she blind or something? I smiled, and said "You must be kidding, with the way i look, i wont ever have one." She stared at me re-approachfully "Looks never matter kiddo, I know, its hard to belive, but trust me, its true. Boyfriends might go for looks, Husbands go for personality."

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