Styling My Life

This is a Harry Styles fanfic. I'm not going to give more a summary than this: A girl. Named Hallie. One Direction.

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21. The Night Won't End.

~Niall's POV~


She slept on the couch. I didn't want her to, but I really couldn't just jump and say, "It's okay, you can sleep with me!"

So I retreated back to my room and lay awake for hours, just thinking about her, and the band, and myself. I think too much. Finally, I decided that was just getting pathetic and got up to see if there was a midnight snack available for me in the kitchen. I walked out of my room and turned the corner to the hallway. I paused at the end of the hallway after hearing voices in the other room.

"Nellie," Danielle's voice said. "Do you want us to get Hallie?" Her voice was concerned.

"No! No, I'm fine.." Nellie's voice sounded constricted and strained. "I'm fine..."

Eleanor rushed past me into the living room where the girls were. "Hallie's coming. It took a while to pry Harry's arm off of her, but she's coming."

"Are all the boys still asleep? I don't want them to wake up and get concerned too. Us girls can handle this." Danielle asked Eleanor.

Eleanor faltered and I realized she'd seen me. Please don't say anything,  I prayed.

"They are all still fast asleep." Eleanor said confidently. I let go a sigh of relief.

"Good." Danielle said just as Hallie rushed into the room, once again paying no attention to me standing around the corner.

"Nellie!" She exclaimed. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, Hallie, I'm fine. I just writhe around in pain for kicks," She said sarcastically. "No, I am not fine!"

"Okay, okay." Hallie said. "Girls, go back to bed. I can handle it." She was now addressing Dani and El.

"No, we want to help." Danielle said firmly.

"Dani, go to bed."

Both girls let out a sigh, before exiting the room. As soon as Dani turned the corner, her eyes widened at me. She opened her mouth to say something as soon as I pulled her around the corner with me and covered her mouth.

"Say nothing." I whispered.

She nodded and pushed off of me. Eleanor kept walking and Danielle scurried to catch up with her.

"Nellie, tell me what's wrong." Hallie said, her voice soft. I poked my head out around the corner to see where they were.

Nellie was positioned on the ground in a fetal position, holding her stomach. She faced away from me towards the door. Hallie was bent over her, her hair done up in a messy ponytail. She still wore her pajamas. Her head turned to look at me. She gestured angrily for me to go away. I smiled and shook my head. I wasn't leaving. Then to taunt her more, I pressed my pointer finger slowly to my lips. Hallie then returned my gesture with another gesture containing a different finger. I pretended to be hurt, and popped back around the corner.

"You'll judge me." Nellie's sad voice said.

"I promise I won't."

"Well I-- I've never been quite skinny..." Nellie started.

Hallie let out a sad sigh. "Oh no, Nellie, please don't tell me..."

"Let me finish." Nellie snapped then made a pained sound. "I'm fine!" She said, most likely reacting to Hallie's sympathetic face that I knew she was making. "I only tried it once. Before Harry hit me. I was running away from home, I was depressed. It was kinda comforting. But I haven't done it since and I don't plan on doing it again! I guess when I did it, acid was released and now it hurts. Really bad." Nellie's voice faltered.

"Nellie, you're beautiful. You never had to try bulimia to make yourself skinnier." Hallie's voice was partly scolding.

"I know, and I promise I'll never do it again. Just please, make the pain go away!" I could hear Nellie's faint crying.

"Sshh," Hallie soothed, "I'm sure there's some acidic relief medicine in the cupboard. Let's go."

Now taking all of this in and returning to my senses, I realized they would have to go down the hallway to get to the medicine cabinet. Reacting quickly on instinct, I dove into a nearby closet. I heard their footsteps growing louder as they entered the hallway. Phew, I was safe for now.

"Hi, Niall." Hallie said as their footsteps now grew dimmer. I sighed and exited the closet.

They said nothing else as they turned the corner into the bathroom. I sighed again and retreated to my own room. I laid down again, still not able to sleep as I had not gotten my midnight snack.

Then I heard footsteps and the door to my room opened. Harry stood in the doorway. His hair was disheveled and he wore only pajama pants.

"Move over," he said sleepily, climbing into my bed.

"Kicked out?" I asked, trying to contain my laughter.

He hit my arm. Hard. "Nellie needed somewhere better than the couch to sleep." He growled.

I sighed. "So they decided on my room? Why couldn't you sleep on the couch?"

"Because I highly doubt there's room for me in any of the other boys' rooms, nor would I want to be in their rooms to begin with! And I'm not sleeping on the couch because I am a member of a famous boy band! I will not sleep on a couch!"

I stared at him. "I'm in the same boy band you are!"

"Which would explain why you are sleeping on a bed!" Harry said, turning over and pulling the pillow over his head. "Good night!" He said, his voice muffled from under the pillow, ending the conversation.

"Night," I said, also turning to face the wall and closing my eyes.

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