Styling My Life

This is a Harry Styles fanfic. I'm not going to give more a summary than this: A girl. Named Hallie. One Direction.

Want more? Read it.


7. Research

~Harry's POV~

"Oh!" I exclaimed over the phone. "That is big," I started furiously typing on my laptop. "I found it."

"Great. When are you going to be at the hotel?" Janie asked.

"In about a half an hour." I responded, bookmarking the website I had found and opening more tabs for further research.

"I'll be there. What room number?"

"Um, 265."

"I feel sneaky," Janie whispered over the phone. "Are you sure about this?"

"Listen, I may not have known Hallie for as long as you have, but that doesn't mean I don't care about her." I pondered what I had just said. I cared about her. I cared about Hallie. It was the truth.

"See you soon, Harry," Janie said.

"Bye," I said before we both hung up.

"So, planning something?" Louis said, strolling into the room.

"Eavesdrop much?" I commented, my face focused as I discovered more about Janie's revelation.

"Only when I think somethings up."

I turned to him and looked him right in the eyes. "Well, you're wrong."

"I want to help, Harry. I understand how you feel about Hallie."

"Because you heard me say it over the phone..." I grumbled.

"No, because you're my best friend. And I know you." Louis placed a hand on my shoulder. "Let me help you."

I nodded. "Here's what I need you to do..."


~Janie's POV~

I knocked on the door about twenty times before someone opened it.

"About time," I mumbled.

"Janie! Hey!" Liam said. "What's up?"

"I need to see Harry." I said shortly.

He pointed to the back room. "He's in there."

I quickly walked down the hallway and pushed open the door with such force it slammed into the wall.

"Hey, we don't own the place!" Harry complained, getting up to look at the damage.

"Sorry, I'm just really in a rush to find Hallie. I'm worried." Then I noticed Louis sitting on the couch, observing us. "Why is he here?"

"He's going to help us." Harry said quietly.

"Do what?" I asked angrily. I couldn't believe he would just add another person into this mess without consulting me.

"We need to discuss the plan." He said, directing my attention to his laptop on the lounge chair.

"Yeah," I mumbled, still angry about Louis being in on this.

"This is what I found out about Dan Loingst." He showed me a biography of a man who was roughly twenty years older than us. I looked over his record.

"He has a connection to Hallie's mom," I read.

"Exactly. If what you told me is true, then this man is the reason for Hallie's disappearance."

"This is all great and dandy, but how? Why does he want her?" I asked.

"He wants to use Hallie as bait to get to her mother. And he knows exactly where to take her in order to do just that."

Harry pulled up another tab. It was the website for 'Tree Huggers Sanctuary'. I felt his and Louis' eyes on me.

"What?" I asked.

"Do you know where this place is?" Harry asked expectantly.

"Yes..." I said to the floor.

Harry put a hand on my shoulder. "Then let's go give a warm welcome to Dan."

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