Styling My Life

This is a Harry Styles fanfic. I'm not going to give more a summary than this: A girl. Named Hallie. One Direction.

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5. Gone

~Harry's POV~

And then she was gone. The last picture I had of her was her chestnut hair flowing behind her as she ran. Had I said something wrong? No, I had been quite reserved. I actually hadn't flirted with her as much as I'd wanted to. I couldn't do it. When I was around her, I was frozen. I couldn't get words out and I lost control of myself. That's why I hadn't been able to ask her out. The words stuck to the roof of my mouth and refused to be heard.

I began to walk down the hallway in the direction she had left. Why had she run? It hurt me to think of her. My heart yearned to see her again, but I knew we would have to get ready for the concert soon. What time was it?

Then I stepped on something. I looked down to see a silver charm bracelet on the ground. I picked it up and noticed the silver clasp was broken. That was most likely how it had fallen off of its owner. Tucking it into my pocket, I secretly vowed to myself that I would find who it belonged to.

"Harry, we are getting ready to start!" Paul called from the end of the hallway.

I nodded and walked quickly to join the other boys.

"Ready?" Liam asked.

We all exchanged a look before stepping onto the platform that would take us to the stage.


The concert was amazing. We rocked the crowd and sang until we couldn't get another note out. We all walked into our dressing rooms, still talking about funny posters in the audience or a remark one of us made to the crowd.

I took off my sticky stage clothes and settled for a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. I ruffled my hair so it looked a little more casual before stepping out of my dressing room to a scene in the hallway.

"She's gone!" Janie sobbed into Liam's chest. "Just disappeared out of nowhere!"

Louis shot me a look and I shrugged. I had just walked into this.

"And now she won't even answer her phone! I don't know where she is!" Janie finished and turned away from everyone, drying her eyes. She had left a large tear stain on the front of Liam's shirt.

I walked quietly to Niall and whispered, "Who are they talking about?"

"Hallie," he whispered back, "she told Janie she was going to get a drink during the middle of the concert, and then she never came back. She won't answer any of our texts, so Janie's fearful something horrible happened to her."

I stifled a gasp. Where had Hallie gone? She had just talked to me fifteen minutes prior to the concert. Did I have anything to do with her disappearance?

Janie looked at me with pleading eyes. "Do you know anything, Harry?" A tear slid down her cheek.

Suddenly the bracelet felt heavy in my pocket. "I-- I found this in the hallway." I said, leaving out the part about our conversation beforehand.

Janie looked at the bracelet before bursting into tears. "That's Hallie's!" she sobbed, "Her father gave it to her..." Her heavy crying swallowed the end of her sentence.

I looked down at the ground. "I'll find her," I said slowly.

"But, Harry, with all the touring and signings," Zayn started.

"I'll find her." I said with more force. "No matter what it takes."

Janie cried harder into Liam's shoulder. "I hope so." she whispered.



Hey guys! Thanks so much for the views! I hope I can reach 100 before the end of the month! Anyone who feels this story should be shared, can help by promoting it. Share with your friends, tell other authors about it! I will be eternally grateful. I am so thankful to have joined this website. Okay, enough of the gushy stuff. There won't be Hallie's POV for a while, to build suspense, so just a heads up. Comment on how I'm doing! (: love you guys!!  

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