Styling My Life

This is a Harry Styles fanfic. I'm not going to give more a summary than this: A girl. Named Hallie. One Direction.

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22. Girls Do It Best.

~Nellie's POV~


I woke up to Hallie talking to someone on the phone.

"Um, hold on." She left the room and then returned with two bowls, cereal and some milk. She poured some cereal and the remaining drops of milk into a bowl. "Well, I know we need milk." She paused and then frowned. "If it's not on sale, Harry, don't get it!"

She sighed and mouthed Men, to me. I nodded in agreement.

"Alright, okay. Don't forget the rest of the list though. I know we've only been here for two days, but there are ten of us, the food supply is going to go quickly!" She paused again. "Mmkay. I love you, bye." She hung up and turned to look at me. "Next time the girls are in charge of the groceries."

I laughed and then glanced at the bowl with the cereal in it. "Oh no! Now it's all soggy!"

Now it was Hallie's turn to laugh. "Funny thing is, soggy cereal is how this whole thing started."

I didn't quite understand her reference, but I nodded anyways. Hallie then moved to the living room. "C'mere!" She called over her shoulder.

Still in my pajamas, I followed. Last night had been rough, but that medicine Hallie gave me made the stinging in my stomach subside greatly. But I couldn't get one thing off my mind: Why was Niall eavesdropping? I shrugged it off and joined Hallie on the couch.

"Okay, we have three days to get our outfits ready for the boys' performance premiere. I'm not typically one to dress up and get fancy, which therefore means I have no idea what I'm doing." She looked at me. "Do you?"

I shook my head. I could totally relate to the fact that she wasn't a huge fashionista. Neither was I. Then Dani and El strolled into the room. Their hair was done beautifully, their makeup flawless, and their outfits without a single wrinkle. Damn, they always looked fantastic. Perrie strolled in behind them, looking just as glamorous.

"Perfect timing." Hallie smiled at them all. "We need some fashion advice."

Eleanor scurried over to us. "I'm here! What's it for?"

"The premiere Saturday." I said, happy I knew something that was going on around here.

"Oh!" Dani said sitting on the other side of El. "We haven't picked out our outfits yet either."

"So here's our plan..." Perrie started, sitting on the floor in front of us.


Green. Our color was green. I pondered this for a while. All the other girls had gotten better colors, but of course, Niall's favorite color being green, that was the one we were stuck with.

I hated green. I probably shouldn't, being born in Ireland and all, but I had just never been a big fan of the color.

Now we were at the mall, everyone wearing hoodies and shades except for me. No one knew me yet, because no paparazzi had been their at the accident. And I had pretty much stayed at the house since then.

The boys were now at the studio, figuring out some last minute show stuff while they were in New York. Their big Madison Square Garden show was Saturday, which is why we were getting all dolled up.

Dani and El hurried us into a fancy jewelry store in which I stayed away from anything breakable, as I knew I did NOT have the money to pay for it if I broke it. El purchased a ruby jewelry set as dark red was her color. I would have liked to have red.

But enough about being bitter. Danielle found a feathery purple headband at another store, and Hallie found a cute navy blue blazer. Perrie went for neon orange nail polish. I found nothing.

"Come on, Nellie!" Dani encouraged. "Green is everywhere! Just find something you like!"

I shuffled uncomfortably in front of a scarf rack. I pointed slowly to a green and black zebra printed scarf. "I like that one, but I don't have any money to buy it with." I said quietly.

Perrie laughed. "Whoops! We forgot." She pulled out a silver card. "This is Niall's. The boys give them to us when we want to go shopping." All the other girls pulled out matching silver cards.

"It's really nice, actually," Hallie said. "Yesterday, I went to the bookstore incognito and used it to buy a book I had been dying to read." We all stared at her. "Then I went and got a new pair of TOMS!" She said defending herself.

Eleanor now looked relieved. "We all tend to use it for fancy red carpet dresses. We go to a lot of them."

I looked back at the scarf and Danielle nodded in agreement.

Needless to say, I left the store with a small bag dangling off my arm. And I left the mall with many more than that.

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