Styling My Life

This is a Harry Styles fanfic. I'm not going to give more a summary than this: A girl. Named Hallie. One Direction.

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27. Finale.

~Hallie's POV~


We all stepped out of the limo and were greeting by thousands of flashing lights. Harry grabbed my hand as a microphone was thrust in his face.

"So do actually plan on staying with Hallie Thomas? Or is she just a fling?" A reporter asked.

Harry grabbed the mic from him. "Don't ask stupid questions." Then he dropped it at the reporter's feet. Scribbling in his notebook, the guy didn't even notice.

Then Perrie and Zayn were next to us. Perrie wore a floor length black dress, see through except for the areas that needed to be covered a little darker. She looked marvelous. Her nails were decorated with the orange nail polish she had purchased earlier. On her head was small orange top hat headband. Zayn wore a black dress shirt, along with all the other boys, and dark jeans. He was accented with an orange tie.

"This was a brilliant idea, Perrie!" I said, gently smacking her with the blue handbag I had picked up. "Accenting the couples with the boys' favorite colors!"

Harry smiled at me. I wore the same dress I had worn when I met him. The sequined one. Over top I wore a navy blue blazer that matched the one Harry wore. His favorite color was blue, so we accented it the best way we could. Dani had done my makeup, making my eyes pop with a slight dabble of blue. I don't think I ever would've known all this if it wasn't for her.

Perrie blushed. "It's nothing..."

Zayn squeezed her hand. "Let's head in, yeah?" She nodded and waved goodbye to us before Zayn dragged her through the doors to the club. We were going to party before the show.

El and Lou approached next, each decorated with different shades of red. Louis' dress shirt had red horizantol stripes running across, while El had a clutch with the same pattern. They both rushed up to us, with the same crazy energy. Eleanor grabbed my arm. "This will be so fun!" I nodded, smiling. Where did this girl keep all her excitement?

Louis whispered, "I wonder if the snack bar will have carrots!" loud enough for us all to hear.

Harry laughed his adorable laugh and patted Lou on the back. "I'm sure they will." Then before entering the club, Louis moved over to the screaming fans and began to sign autographs, El in tow.

Next Liam and Danielle walked down the small "red carpet." Danielle's heels were as tall as the empire state building, but with her legs, she could pull them off.

"Ay, turtles!" Liam said, engulfing us in an awkward three person hug. Danielle had begun to take pictures with fans. "Haz, ready for tonight?"

Harry smiled. "Please, I could do this in my sleep." He laughed nervously, hinting the opposite.

"Sure," Liam shrugged and called to Dani. "Ready?" She nodded and went to stand next to him.

"You look amazing, by the way." Dani called over her shoulder as Liam wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her into the club entrance.

Finally, Nellie and Niall made it to where we stood. They were a good three feet apart, not making eye contact. Something had happened between them before we left, but I hadn't wanted to pry. Nellie was one to handle her own problems. Now neither of them smiled. Instead, Nellie just breezed past everyone and entered the club, her green scarf flailing behind her.

Niall approached us, frowning. "I don't get her. One moment she's kissing me, the next she's acting like I don't exist!" He folded his arms over his chest.

I placed a hand on his shoulder. "She'll come around."

He grunted. "What, when we're twenty?"

Harry stifled a laugh. "You mean in a year?"

Niall shot him a look. "I'll be inside." Then he stormed into the doors everyone else had gone.

Now only Harry and I stood outside. We smiled, signed autographs and took pictures with fans for what seemed like forever. Harry really loved to connect with them.

In the middle of one picture, Harry's phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and frowned.
"I gotta take this." He moved to the side of the carpet by the entrance. As the person on the other line spoke, I watched the color drain from his face. His eyes widened in shock. Then, in a split second, his phone dropped to the ground, the case popping off of it. His hand was still raised in mid-air. He was in shock.

I rushed over to him. "Harry--what's wrong--" I looked into his green eyes, almost paralyzed, so still.

Then he moved. He focused his piercing eyes on my blue ones and said, "It's Janie."

I froze in my place at her name.

"We need to go. Now." Then his hand was on my arm. We ran to the limo, still parked at the end of the carpet.

"St. Matthew's Hospital. Now." Harry practically barked at the driver.

I laid my head in his lap as a tear slipped down my cheek. Harry rubbed it away.

"Shh," He soothed.

Then, without meaning to, my eyes started to flutter close.



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