Styling My Life

This is a Harry Styles fanfic. I'm not going to give more a summary than this: A girl. Named Hallie. One Direction.

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2. Confusion

~Hallie's POV~

"Janie," I said calmly into the phone, "Janie. Janie! JANIE!"

She stopped babbling. "Sorry, Hal. I'm just so excited!"

"Yeah, yeah, I am too," I said saying all the robotic best friend stuff. "What am I supposed to wear?" I asked, suddenly worried.

I never worried about my style. It was sweatshirts, t-shirts and jeans for this girl. But now, meeting Janie's cousin and his friends was a huge step. Huge. They were world renounced and I highly doubted ratty sneakers were appropriate.

Janie paused. "I'll be over in a sec," She replied. "Have you got your credit card?"

"Yes..." I responded warily.

"Good. See you soon, doll!" Janie said cheerfully before disconnecting.

Figuring I still had a good fifteen minutes before Janie would be here, I figured I might as well pack a purse. I knew what Janie's intentions were when she asked for my credit card.

It didn't take much thought to decide which bag to pack. I tenderly picked up the cyan blue shoulder bag my father had gotten me for Christmas when I was twelve. That was nearly six years ago. Six years since he left. I wondered if he ever thought about me. If he ever thought, I have an eighteen year old daughter somewhere and I haven't bothered to call her. Or care about her. Or her mother...

A silent tear fell down my cheek. Little did I know it would be the first of many.

Then Janie burst in. I really need to start locking my door.

"Let's go do some damage!" She yelled.

I pointed upstairs again and she quickly covered her mouth again.

"God, that's annoying," she whispered before grabbing my hand and pulling me out the door.


It felt like we had been shopping for hours. More than hours. It felt like days. By now I was carrying roughly ten bags. On each arm. And the whole time Janie was humming One Direction songs. I wasn't exactly a fan, as they all seemed too egotistical for me. Then again, I had never met them so I probably shouldn't judge. But I did anyway.

"Janie. We are only going to one concert tonight. One night," I emphasized 'one' because I really didn't think she understood.

"Yes." She looked unfazed as she moved to another rack, clearly dissatisfied with the first. She let out a little squeal of delight as she found her target. It was a short, tight fitting, sequined dress that she insisted I try on.

Ten minutes later, I had another bag.

Then we were walking through the mall again. Finally, I stopped dead in my tracks. "Janie." She kept walking. "Janie," I repeated. "Janie!" I yelled softly.

"Oh!" She said and ran back to me. "What's wrong?" She asked, concern shone in her eyes.

"Is this really all necessary? Everything? I mean, I just don't see why I need to look THIS good for your cousin and his celebrity friends." I gestured to the bags.

Janie had told me in the past that her cousin and his friends were famous and British, which was a shock, as we were both from New York, but she had never told me what they were famous for, or who they were. I never wanted to pry, but the way she talked about them gave me the idea that they were not famous for their homemade salsa.

Janie also told me there were going to meet us at the concert, as they also had backstage passes. But why all the fuss? I shrugged it off and realized Janie was giving me an answer to the question I had asked minutes before.

I caught just the end of her response, as I had been day dreaming.

"So that's why. But you know, you're right. We should head back. We have a lot of work to do," Janie finished and towed me out of the mall.

~Harry's POV~

"Hear back from your cousin?" Zayn asked, turning to face Liam who was attempting to eat ice cream with a fork. Exasperated, he gave up and turned his attention to Zayn.

"Yeah, she's bringing a friend with her too." He winked at the boys and averted my glance.

I may have just been seeing things, but when he said that I felt like I was missing out on something.

Carefully, I got up from my the couch and sat down next to Liam.

"How's you're ice cream?" I asked sarcastically.

Start out easy, then break out the hard questions. Calm and collected, I told myself.

Liam laughed. "Not working too well."

"What am I missing out on guys?" I asked critically, staring deeply into everyone's eyes.

That was not as smooth as I had planned.

Liam just stared. As did the other guys.

"Sorry lads. I guess I'm just short on sleep. I think I'll go catch a few Z's." I said retreating to my room, ashamed and still quite confused.

I left the door open a crack before flopping down on my bed. I grabbed Love Actually and debated putting it in. I finally decided not to, as watching a romance movie by myself seemed sort of pathetic.

Then I heard the boys talking.

"He doesn't even suspect a thing. This plan is brill!" Liam laughed.

"How do you know it'll work though?" Niall said, in between bites. I wondered what he was eating before realizing that was a stupid thought to cross my mind at the time being.

"My cousin says she's just perfect. I don't see how anything could go wrong!" Liam said cheerfully.

"And because she's perfect, our plan is now foolproof!" Zayn exclaimed sarcastically.

"Oh shut up, Zayn. It'll be--" Liam stopped just as I sneezed.

Suddenly, the boys burst through my door, Liam at the front.

"Phew. He's asleep still," Louis said, examining my body sprawled across the bed.

To make it more believable, I let out a loud snore.

"And noisy!" Zayn said leaving the room.

The other boys followed closely behind and shut the door behind them.

Then I sat up. Hundreds of thoughts racked my brain. But one stuck out more than others.

What girl?

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