Styling My Life

This is a Harry Styles fanfic. I'm not going to give more a summary than this: A girl. Named Hallie. One Direction.

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3. Anticipations

~Harry's POV~

I sat in the leather chair facing my dressing room mirror and stared.

I hadn't been able to take my mind off what I'd overheard yesterday. Who was this girl? Why was she perfect?

Liam had talked about his cousin often. And said one day we were going to meet her. Finally, they decided on tonight. Liam gave them backstage passes and so we could talk before and after the concert. Then we would head to a restaurant of his cousin's picking. She lived in New York, so they thought the most convenient time to visit was when we played there. It was understandable.

But they had never mentioned another girl.

Never once said that his cousin was going to bring a friend. And now I was intrigued.

Then Niall's face appeared in my mirror. I swiveled my chair to face him.

"Whatcha doing, Haz?" Niall said, plopping himself down on the couch in my dressing room.

"Thinking," I responded. The hair stylist then walked in and began to fuss with my hair. I didn't really understand why, it wasn't going to obey her, or anyone for that matter. My hair only styled for Styles. I laughed at my silent joke.

"Well, I really came in here to tell you they want to run 'Gotta Be You' on the stage. Sound check stuff, ya know?"

"I know." I got up, making the stylist drop her comb to the floor. "Oh, sorry," I said, and picked it up for her.

She looked at me, sort of embarrassed and left the room. I sighed and followed her.


I was distracted. There was no other way to describe it. I sang without meaning, missed cues, and ran into Louis during a song.

"Harry, are you alright?" He asked just as the sound manager yelled, "Alright boys, that's enough for today. Gotta rest your voices before the show tonight."

We all nodded and walked off the stage. Louis trailed behind me, his eyes expectant, waiting for my response.

"I'm fine, Louis," I lied, yet my voice remained steady.

"Okay," he said, skeptically, "but, mind you, we need you in full force for the show."

Then he walked off, yelling, "Somebody bring me carrots!"

I laughed and retreated to my dressing room. I checked the digital clock on on the side table. Only three more hours until the show. Only two more hours before we met Liam's cousin.

I sat on the couch and sighed. It was going to be a really long two hours.  

~Hallie's POV~

Janie sat me down in one of my lounge chairs in my room the second we got home from the mall. I had finally unpacked the boxes that contained my room, so now I had somewhere to sleep and relax after work.

Janie pulled out a big makeup kit and set it on my bed. She pushed a button on the side and it sprang to life. I stared at it, looking at the levels and types of makeup. I had never seen so much makeup in my life.

To my surprise, Janie commented, "Oh no, we bought the smaller set." She frowned and then shrugged.

I silently wondered in shock what the large set looked like.

She tied my chestnut brown, shoulder length hair into a messy bun. Then she set to work. Her hands moved so fast, sometimes they just looked like a blur. She moved from my eyelids to my lips in seconds, her face focused and determined. I tried to sneak a peek in the mirror, but Janie caught me attempting to look. She quickly took my mirror down from the wall and turned back to me.

"Not until I'm finished," she scolded and went back to work.

It felt like I sat there for hours, her just working on my face. Finally, she stepped back and admired her work.

"Wow," she muttered, her hand slowly covered her mouth. "Just wow, Hallie."

"Can I see now?" suddenly feeling self-conscious.

"I'm not done!" She said picking up a brush. "Now for your hair!"

I sighed and reclined back in my chair.


When Janie was finally satisfied, she pulled out the black sequined dress from the store.

"That one?" I asked shocked. It was a concert, after all.

"You looked amazing in it, Hal," she said, tenderly handing me the dress. "Go put it on."

I sighed and walked to the bathroom. I smiled when I saw Janie had removed the mirror in this room too. She knew me too well. I pulled the dress on and carefully zippered the back.

It was nice. The dress came down to my lower thigh, but just above me knees. It was strapless and the sequins changed color from the lower half of the dress to the top. They started out black and then slowly faded into a light gray. The dress was really spectacular. But for a concert? I sighed, Janie knew more about all this than I did.

I left the bathroom and found Janie in the doorway of my room across the hall.

"Oh. my. God." She said, looking me down. "I'm so proud of myself!" She said, running over to give me a hug.

I laughed. "Are you done yet?" I asked, whiny, I suppose, but I really wanted to see why she making such a big deal about me.

"For now," she giggled. Then she grabbed my hand and led me into the room where she had reset my mirror.

She covered my eyes and led me to what I guessed was in front of the mirror.

I was right.

"You can look now!" She said removing her hand.

Who was this girl I was looking at?



Hi readers! Thanks so much for taking time to read my story. I'm so proud of it, even though it's still in its infant stages. Please comment! Tell me how you're thinking, constructive criticism is welcomed! And show this to your friends! I really want to share my writing with everyone! Yay! A new chapter will be out soon!! (:  

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