You Keep Making Me Weak

Kierha Is a small town girl who's going to London for a blind date that one of her friends are setting her up on, when kierha see's who her blind date is she refuses to meet him ever again, but what happens when he keeps showing up in her life? what will happen when she's forced to see him every day?


2. You Have To Be Kidding Me!

My P.O.V  After the diner i just went back to my hotel and flopped on the bed like what a terrible date he kept trying but i was not in the mood. i cant believe Jess did that to me any way im so tired so i close my eyes and drift of to sleep ----------12:00pm----------- *ring ring* .... "Hello?" i said tiredly "Kierha hey how was the date?" "Terrible i cant believe you!" "What? he's so nice though rick loves him he's his best man at are wedding Tuesday!" "Oh yeah when are you coming to London again?" "Today im at the airport right now how does your hotel room look?" "great!" "oh that's good and i have to go but ohh yeah your walking down with harry bye" beep "JESS..JESS???" you have to be kidding me this just blows! well im going for a shower..-----20 minutes later---- "Kierha??" i heard a voice from inside my room what the hell it couldn't be jess she's at the airport and im guessing Rick with her "Um whose there?" i said awkwardly "Its Harry" "What the hell are you doing in my hotel room are you crazy?" he started laughing but i don't see what's so god damn funny! "Where do i put my clothes and stuff? and why is there only one bed?" "maybe because your in my room!" "and my room didn't Rick tell you?" "No Rick or Jess didn't tell me anything about you staying in my room so get out!" "Umm im sorry but that's not possible because all the other rooms are booked for other wedding party!" "Well go stay with someone else then!" "I cant Rick told me i had to stay in this room!" "Oh my god one minute i have to put clothes on" he laughed from out side the bathroom door... "okay" i walked out of the bathroom in sweats and a tight black shit that said Canadian on it underlined with a red stripe he laughed as i walked out "where's my phone" "is this it" he said handing me my phone "were you playing on my phone" i said angrily looking at him "calm down i was just playing Mega Jump" "UHH" i said walking a way.. "Jess is not picking up call rick!" "you call rick" "can you just grow up and call rick already" "you could ask nicely" he said crossing his arms and winking at me "you make me sick" i said walking out of the hotel room.

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