You Keep Making Me Weak

Kierha Is a small town girl who's going to London for a blind date that one of her friends are setting her up on, when kierha see's who her blind date is she refuses to meet him ever again, but what happens when he keeps showing up in her life? what will happen when she's forced to see him every day?


18. They Just Want A Press Story.

*Incoming call from Harry*
"what.." i said answering angry "where are you?" "that's for me to no and not for you to know or find out" i said angrily "kierha we need to talk seriously be mature" "me be mature really cause i think i was the only one mature in this relationship and ill come back when i come back and when i do i dont want to talk to you or look at you so let me have my fun in California with my best friend who i came for and dont look, speak or even thinking of me harry thank you and have a nice day buh bye now" i said hanging up them walking to the taxi i called for and getting in i know i was mean but he deserved it! 

when i got back the hotel i walked up to my room and walked in it looked around and i guess harry went out cause he wasn't here but there was a note on the table 'went for some food be back whenever but i guess you don't care so im just being stupid by writing this letter what ever see you soon.. hopefully-Harry' if he thinks he was being stupid why the hell did he write it.. what ever i don't care.. i went into the shower then came out forty minutes later and put pyjama's on and then called Johnston my ex boyfriend who I've been talking to a bit more since i broke up with harry but were just friends and that's it! "hello?" "hey John what's up?" "nothing much girl you?" "nothing im bored" "awwe wish i was there id make it less boring" he said laughing "im sure you would John" i said laughing "so do you know if i got and mail?" "yeah i think so your mom calls me a lot" he said laughing "that's weird" i said laughing "no i don't mind it" he said laughing a bit "well i just called to check in so talk to you later" "yeah babe" "okay bye" "bye" i hung up then turned around to see harry walking through the door i just rolled my eyes and then layed on my bed as he mocked me then put his grocery down then walked back out side the room then back in the room holding a baby "umm.." i said looking at him confused "this is Missy she's fake" he said laughing and showing me "she's fake then why do you have her..?" "because i just came back from and interview and me and the boys have to take care of a fake baby for a week" he said smiling "that sounds stupid" i said looking at my phone "alrighty then miss cranky how was your day" "shut up" i said looking at him and smiling then back down to my phone "don't curse around my baby" "ITS FAKE HARRY" i said yelling "don't yell you'll wait her" "oh im sorry what's her name harry?" "Darcy" he said smiling "that was a joke i truly don't care" i said still looking at my phone "can you just not talk to me then?" he asked i looked up at him "gladly" i said smiling "you just talked to me again" "i was answering you oh my god your so childish harry!" "i know" he said smiling and then putting the baby on his bed and going into the bathroom..

Harry P.O.V
when i walked out of the bathroom kierha was holding the baby and looking at her phone "i thought you thought it was stupid what i was doing" i said putting my hands on my hips "i do but your not suppose to leave a baby alone i did this in high school and these baby's have sensors so if you leave it alone or hurt it the people get all that info back there tricking you harry they want a press story." she said looking at me wow she was smart i never even thought of that i should tell the other guy "thanks" i said looking at her "yeah" she replied back "just hold her a bit longer ill be right back" i said walking out the door.

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