You Keep Making Me Weak

Kierha Is a small town girl who's going to London for a blind date that one of her friends are setting her up on, when kierha see's who her blind date is she refuses to meet him ever again, but what happens when he keeps showing up in her life? what will happen when she's forced to see him every day?


16. Roomies..

*1 week later*  *we are now boarding to California hope you guys enjoy your flight see you on the other side*....... "here's are seats" Jess said sitting down and i sat down beside her "i have to tell you something kierha and you cant get mad at me okay i new if i told you this later you wouldn't come so just don't be mad" i looked at her curiously "it depends what you tell me you cant just ask me not to be mad i might be mad" i said crossing my arms and looking at her with my eyes brows up "well umm.. .Harry's gonna be there and i know the hole thing betwe-" "JESS im so getting off this flight... um excuse me" "yes ma'am how may i help you?" "i need to get off this flight like asap" i said unbuckling my seat belt as i saw the seat belt lights turn on "im sorry but we have closed the door just sit back and everything will be fine" the girl said smiling at me and i just gave her a straight face back then turned and looked at jess "if killing wasn't illegal you would be dead right now" i said looking forward crossing my arms as we took off. 

"Here we are, are hotel room" i looked at jess still angry "here's your room key number 303" jess said handing me my room key "meet me back down here and we can go for a swim or something" jess said running away before i could yell at her.....------.... *key approved* i opened the door and threw my bag on  my bed then looked around at my room she got me a two bed room for one person that girl is a blonde ill tell you.. uhhh its so hot out i think ill just take na- i heard the shower going and i grabbed the lamp out of the wall then started walking for the bathroom door as i opened it .... there was a naked man standing in front of me towel drying his hair i screamed at the top of my lungs and whacked him over the head with the lamp and started running for the door when the necked man put his hand on the door and slammed it closed and there he was behind me with his arm beside my head and his hand on the door i started to breath fast my heart racing "its just me" i heard a familiar voice i turned around to see harry walking back to the bathroom cleaning his ear with his pinky on the way there "you just hit people over the head with lamps yes?" he screamed at me as he got into the bathroom "what are you doing in my room" i said calmly "were roomies again roomie" he said happily "i cant do this im not two harry" "i know that that is why i told her a two bed room silly Kierha" "i hate you so much harry just shut up just go leave get a new room or better yet leave California" he walked out in sweats and no shirt "you don't think breaking up was hard for me two i tried to explain myself but you wouldn't take my calls you blocked me off your phone so don't be so angry when your the stubborn one" harry said smirking at me with his hands on his hips "i wouldn't listen to you cause after what you said was pretty damn clear your a man whore don't worry ill get over you and you know how the best way of getting over a guy is. California and the tan boys" i said storming out of the door.

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